Water extraction at well field with employee

Intelligent control of deep well pumps Future-oriented drinking water supply

  • Resource conservation with targeted well system control and demand-oriented pump performance

  • Minimized engineering times and costs, thanks to intuitive parameterization

  • Monitoring transparency with comprehensive diagnostic options

  • Reduced wear by protecting the individual well elements

  • Intuitive web visualization for on-site diagnostics

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Groundwater wells perform the task of municipal water supply

Energy-efficient operation of deep wells

Groundwater wells are essential for meeting the population’s drinking water demands that vary significantly throughout the day. To ensure a well-balanced output for the individual wells and a constant groundwater level, the well and pump control needs to be of a high technical standard.

With the construction or modernization of conveying systems for groundwater extraction, the focus is on lowering energy requirements and reducing the wear of deep well pumps. Pumps are the biggest energy consumers in drinking water supply. With the demand-optimized control of pumps, the groundwater is transported at constant pressure, but only the required pump capacity is utilized.
Taking energy-efficient pump operation into consideration as part of the technical implementation not only conserves valuable resources, but also reduces costs.

Investing in modern automation technology for demand-optimized well control makes sense economically. With preventive maintenance of deep well pumps and the use of remote control technology, well operators benefit from greater efficiency, operational safety, and convenient operation in the long term.

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Joel Stratemann

Well Control Solution for intelligent well automation

Phoenix Contact supports you with modern automation technology for performance-optimized and cost-efficient operation of your deep wells. Well Control, the solution for the intelligent control of deep well pumps, ensures a reliable drinking water supply and a well-balanced well output. All supply-related operating data and field devices, such as pumps, valves, and actuating drives, can be controlled and monitored via remote maintenance. You can therefore keep an eye on water delivery and supply pressure at all times.

Well Control is a preconfigured, configurable control cabinet solution that includes software and handles all the necessary open- and closed-loop control tasks for groundwater extraction. Optimized well control allows you to operate your entire system more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Solution for well automation

Transmit process data from various remote control stations to the control room in a standardized way.

Man accessing well management on a PC

Data from the connected devices at each well can be called up over a direct connection.

Transparency in well management Flexible data access

To increase operational efficiency, keep an eye on the operating states of your deep well pumps at all times. Easily monitor your system remotely with Well Control. Information such as operating hours, utilization, and power consumption can be transmitted to any cloud via MQTT, for example.

Access your pump and well control from any location via web visualization. Call up measured values quickly and easily or regulate the pump output manually. Taking current safety standards into consideration, this transparency makes it possible to establish immediate measures or long-term steps, such as maintenance management.

Two technicians working on the automation technology for water extraction

Comprehensive approach: Servicing for well automation

Ready-to-use control cabinet solution Intelligent automation hardware

At the heart of Well Control is the modular AXC small-scale controller, which is optimally equipped for future extensions thanks to PROFINET and Modbus/TCP functionality. The intelligent controller protects the individual parts of the well, thus reducing wear.

In addition, a comprehensive concept for surge protection and the power supply ensures the operational safety that is required and allows servicing to be planned.

MCR modules from the MINI Analog Pro family are also suitable for use in harsh environments, such as those encountered at various types of wells. The highly compact signal conditioners filter and refresh all incoming analog values for further processing. Repeater power supply operation of I/O devices can also be implemented easily.

Man with a laptop in front of a control cabinet working on the well pump engineering

Ensure the availability of your system with a software library tailored to water management.

Efficient engineering Straightforward connection of well pumps

The supply-related field devices are connected via the Water Functions software library. Using programmed function blocks, the process library developed specifically for water management enables you to ensure the efficient engineering of your well pumps.

Guided parameterization without any programming at all ensures easy startup. The IEC 60870-5-104 remote control protocol also enables easy and convenient connection to a control center.

The solution app is also ideal for a complex well infrastructure and is integrated easily into the existing IT processes of water treatment plant operators.