Upgrade and new product versions for MACX Analog signal conditioners and measuring transducers

MACX Analog and MINI Analog Pro signal conditioners and measuring transducers on a DIN rail with the EX i, SIL, and PL logos

The proven MACX Analog signal conditioner family with intrinsically safe explosion protection and functional safety from Phoenix Contact has been extended to include a number of product versions and has undergone a technological upgrade. The products can easily be combined with the 6.2 mm signal conditioners and measuring transducers from the MINI Analog Pro series.

The MACX Analog product family has a broad, international Ex approval package in accordance with the latest standards for use in all Ex zones and for all material groups. In addition, mining and marine approvals, as well as versions with an extended temperature operating range of -40 to +70°C and documented requirements for altitude operating ranges up to 5000 m, allow use in demanding environments. The products were subjected to NAMUR type testing in accordance with NE95 by an independent testing laboratory. Therefore, the devices conform to the requirements of the process industry both in terms of the technical features and regarding explosion protection, repair, mounting, and device documentation. MACX Analog signal conditioners and measuring transducers are available for all safety-related applications up to SIL 2 SC 3 or SIL 3. Selected products include PL certification for use in machine building. This applies to both standard applications and explosion protection. The digital nameplate provides accurate device-specific information and is a source of support during configuration. In addition, the Signal Conditioner App makes it easy to identify the products, to set their parameters, and to monitor process values. Furthermore, it also provides access to module-specific documents, such as packing slips and data sheets. From a mechanical point of view, the Push-in connection technology allows the conductors to be inserted quickly and without tools. The special contact spring ensures high contact quality and large conductor pull-out forces. The comprehensive portfolio with single and two-channel measuring transducers as well as signal duplicators with an overall width of 12.5 mm can be combined with products from the 6.2 mm MINI Analog Pro series via DIN rail connector. The modular DIN rail connector is a flexible system solution for power bridging, supply, and for diagnostics, and, particularly in multi-channel applications, simplifies installation, system extensions, and module replacement, even during ongoing operations. The MINI Analog Pro product family includes versions with intrinsically safe explosion protection and SIL 3 1oo1 functional safety combined with modern, analog circuit technology in a previously unknown compact design in terms of overall width and installed height. Compared to conventional solutions, this saves up to 50% of the amount of space needed in the control cabinet.

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