TCP DC thermal device circuit breakers: Compact plug-and-play solution

TCP DC circuit breakers with different nominal currents, plugged into matching base elements

TCP DC device circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact are the reclosable alternative for automotive fuses. The portfolio offers optimum overload protection for different applications with two characteristic curves.

TCP DC thermal circuit breakers make it possible to restart tripped circuits easily. The tripped channels can be quickly and clearly identified via visual indication and can be reactivated immediately. Unlike conventional thermal fuses, it is not necessary to replace the fuse. This reduces on-site service effort and saves you having to search for the right replacement fuse. The housing contour of the TCP DC is also designed to protect against accidental reset.

The TCP DC product family has the same pin connector pattern as commercially available automotive fuses. This means that existing systems can be easily retrofitted. Just like automotive fuses, the different nominal currents are color coded. The correct plugs are easy to identify and clearly assign. With the choice of two different characteristic curves, the overload protection can be optimally adapted to the connected loads. The nominal current range of 5 to 40 A ideally rounds out the basic protection.

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