Solutions for a sustainable process industry at ACHEMA 2024

Virtual view of a digitalized processing plant with the ACHEMA 2024 trade fair logo

The process industry is facing various challenges – including the need for higher efficiency and flexibility in modularization, cost reductions in processes, and the use of sustainable resources for system operations. Based on the development of technology standards and modularization approaches, Phoenix Contact will be presenting suitable solutions with regard to energy efficiency and carbon reductions at the ACHEMA trade fair in Hall 11.1, Booth A31.

Data transmission in the process industry is a fundamental factor when it comes to the integration of digital fieldbuses. Against the backdrop of complete digital communication right down to the field level, Phoenix Contact’s new Ethernet APL switch allows a direct two-wire Ethernet connection of APL field devices in Ex zones. This means that not only the process data, but also other valuable device information straight from the field level can be used. This is presented on an APL multi-vendor panel. Other demonstrators will be presenting monitoring and surveillance solutions that enable predictive maintenance based on NOA. Phoenix Contact is working on the further development of the MTP approach together with various partners. Together with Pruess, Phoenix Contact will show a MTP live demonstrator. The new MTP concept for functional safety is taken into account here in the form of a mobile preparation container for Ex zone 1. You can experience this also at the DI water station, a water treatment station for electrolysis plants, together with the Dresden University of Technology. The current technologies help not only in the generation, conversion, and distribution of renewable energy, they also save up to 50 percent of the space needed compared to conventional solutions. MINI Analog Pro, with a width of just 6 mm, saves space in the control cabinet and is the ideal solution for the safe, electrical isolation of Ex field devices. The signal isolators can be used for functional, safe circuits up to SIL 3 (1oo1), and thus protect people, the environment, and systems. Explosion protection is assured for all zones and substance groups. In the context of the administration shell, Phoenix Contact will demonstrate automatic verification of intrinsic safety with the digital rating plate and “Automated as built” use case.

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