Optimal electronics design through thermal simulation for device developers

Thermal representation of an electrical device

Online thermal simulation from Phoenix Contact offers new possibilities for the suitable design of industrial electronics as early as the development phase.

The procedure for initiating the thermal simulation is intuitive. In the first step, the customer configures their housing (including the required connection technology) in the online housing configurator. They then receive a parts list, 3D data, and the PCB outline of the configuration. The customer now switches to the online simulation interface. The thermal boundary conditions of the device are defined here. This includes the installation situation (mounting position, possible neighboring devices) as well as the ambient temperature.

In the next step, the customer can use drag and drop to place up to three different hot spots on the PCB, assign them a geometry, and enter the expected power dissipation. The simulation is then sent with the customer data input. Within three working days, the simulation result for the individual load case is available as a 3D PDF. The Phoenix Contact team is also able to provide additional advice.

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