100 trees for 100 years in Poland

Community action for the climate.
Group photo of colleagues from our Polish subsidiary who took part

Project goal

Phoenix Contact Poland felt the need to launch a project that addresses several aspects and fulfills Phoenix Contact’s commitment to social responsibility. This was achieved with a joint campaign to plant 100 trees.


  • Internal workshops for brainstorming
  • Working with the local community
  • Integration of other ecological projects

7 kg

of carbon dioxide is absorbed by one tree

Colleagues from our Polish subsidiary plant trees

Several aspects in harmony

With the tree-planting campaign, our Polish subsidiary successfully combined several aspects in one go: The community activity involving employees and their families has led to a strong sense of identification with the company and this project. Together, the families have not just planted trees for the planet, they have also done something special for the local community: The trees now enrich a newly created park in Brzezia Łąka, which serves as a meeting place and recreation area.

In addition, the tree-planting campaign was a great opportunity to integrate and implement other ecological projects, such as building nesting boxes, making kokedamas, and creating a miniature garden in a glass container. Our Polish subsidiary was supported in this project by Dotlenieni.org, a foundation that helps companies plant trees.

Image for sustainability development goal number 13
Climate action

Tree-planting campaign for the climate

This event was a perfect example of how we can combine business messaging with our pro-ecology approach. In my introductory speech, I emphasized that Phoenix Contact is not simply pursuing growth, but – more importantly – sustainable growth.

Maciej Merek - Phoenix Contact Sp. z o.o., General Manager

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