Invoice quality requirements

The quality of your invoice is the basis for our processing. In particular, this ensures the contractual payment of the invoice amount.

  • The correct order number is listed on the invoice. If possible, the order number should be listed separately without any other information added to it.
  • The invoice meets the requirements of VAT law.
  • The invoice contains the gross, net, and tax amount.
  • The invoice address is the same as the invoice address noted in the purchase order.
  • Submit the original invoice in single copy. Do not send us copies of invoices.
  • The invoice must have a legible print quality. Choose a white background if possible.
  • Note your vendor number on the invoice.
  • The invoice must specify the quantity, unit, unit price, and net total value.
  • Specify the currency in ISO code (e.g., EUR).

Additional requirements for the exceptional case of an invoice without a purchase order reference

You must specify the full name of the requester.

In addition to the quality requirements, you must also specify either of the two following Phoenix Contact-specific references:

  • E-mail address of the requester (e. g.,
  • Cost center of the requester (e. g., cost center 108000)