Electronics housings for Raspberry Pi applications

Electronics housings for Raspberry Pi applications

Modular housings from the RPI-BC and UCS-RPI series are designed for the installation of Raspberry Pi computers. The RPI-BC electronics housings are designed in accordance with DIN 43880, are alignable, and can be mounted on DIN rails or directly on the wall. Thanks to accessories such as stands and desk adapters, the UCS-RPI can also be used outside of the control cabinet. Optional interfaces enable function extension of the integrated single-board computer.

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  • Individual function extensions with optional interfaces and additional accessories
  • Quick, tool-free mounting by simply latching the housing elements
  • 16-pos. DIN rail connector for serial and parallel module communication with the RPI-BC series
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Test the housings for Raspberry Pi applications
Would you like to test the RPI-BC and UCS-RPI series electronics housings for Raspberry Pi applications? – Order your personal sample set right now. We provide expert advice on the selection and design-in of the housings in the desired application. Discover the advantages of Phoenix Contact solutions for yourself.
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RPI-BC and UCS-RPI series electronics housings for Raspberry Pi applications
Field housings and DIN rail housings

Configurator for electronics housings

Create your electronics housing for the field or indoor application: Select the desired housing series, the corresponding lower part, and the cover. Add the appropriate connection technology and the process is complete.

New products in device connection technology from Phoenix Contact

New products in device connection technology

As a leading manufacturer of connectors and electronics housings, Phoenix Contact is always working to find new solutions for the growing requirements placed on your industrial and infrastructure applications.

Discover our new device connection technology for the transmission of signals, data, and power as well as our versatile electronics housings.

Housings for Raspberry Pi applications at a glance With a non-conformal design and easily extendable features, the RPI-BC and UCS-RPI housing series are the ideal case for your mini-PC. Click on one of the spots for more information.

Interactive image map: RPI-BC and UCS-RPI series electronic housings
Tool-free mounting
Tool-free assembly of the Raspberry Pi computer, the housing halves, and the optional PCBs.
Tool-free mounting
Extensive range of applications
Printed circuit boards with pluggable Push-in connectors matched to the housing extend the individual fields of application.
Extensive range of applications
Ideal interaction with other devices
The 16-position DIN rail connector allows the ideal interaction between your Raspberry Pi solution and other devices.
Ideal interaction with other devices
Interactive operability
The UCS electronics housing not only houses the Raspberry Pi, but can also integrate the accompanying 7″ touch display.
Interactive operability
Versatile shell for your Raspberry Pi computers
Numerous housing versions and extensive accessories give your Raspberry Pi a shell that can easily adapt to your environment.
Versatile shell for your Raspberry Pi computers
Video: RPI-BC series housing in a wall mounting
RPI-BC series housing in a wall mounting YouTube

Electronics housing for Raspberry Pi computers: Frame for high performance

Series RPI-BC and UCS-RPI electronics housings are the perfect casing for your Raspberry Pi. Not only can you can integrate the mini-PC, but also additional electronics and circuits. The housings can be easily mounted on the DIN rail in the control cabinet. Find out more about the product features of the RPI-BC series.

Overview of the electronics housings portfolio
Discover housings for the DIN rail and outdoor use and learn how flexibly you can adapt electronics housings to your individual needs.
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DIN rail housings and field housings
Electronics housings of the ME MAX series

Technical principles of electronics housings Solutions for DIN rail applications

Electronics housings are an elementary part of a device. They determine its appearance and protect the electronics from external influences. In addition, they enable assembly in superordinate units. Device manufacturers must therefore pay attention to many details, and not only in the design, but also in the choice of housing when it comes to materials and quality testing. This brochure provides you with all the details.