Marine and offshore Automate ships and offshore platforms reliably, securely, and easily – with Phoenix Contact as your expert system partner. We can provide you with high-performance and reliable solutions – even for harsh conditions and which are tested and verified in accordance with all the relevant marine approvals.

Container ship in port

Our innovation strength combined with many years of expertise in conventional marine automation provide the basis for realizing autonomous and sustainable concepts that focus on the forward-thinking design of global marine applications.

Niklas Lecker - Phoenix Contact, Business Development Manager Marine and Offshore
Niklas Lecker
Ship powered by a kite as an alternative ship propulsion method

Alternative ship propulsion with the power of the wind

Sustainability and green shipping A pioneer in the transformation of the maritime world

Sustainability is the subject of the hour, on land, in the air, and also on water. 90 percent of global goods are transported along ocean freight routes. At the same time, shipping accounts for about three percent of carbon dioxide emissions.

The share of global carbon dioxide emissions and the emission of soot, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide make environmentally friendly and sustainable shipping a prerequisite for achieving national and international climate targets. The IMO (International Maritime Organization) aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in shipping by 50 percent by 2050. Strict pollutant guidelines in national and international waters should contribute to this.

Efficiency and sustainability are the challenges that you are facing today. Take a relaxed look into the future with our sustainable solutions for today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

Ship at sea with networked digital icons

Intelligent data forms the basis for future-proof and efficient solutions

Digitalization and Maritime 4.0 Future-proof networking, automation, and optimization

The digitalization of ships in all service life phases requires new technologies and solutions that meet future requirements to operate ships more efficiently and digitally. Being able to retrofit and digitalize existing ships is also very important.

In an age where we are seeing increasingly efficient approaches and cost-optimized processes, solutions are required that will secure your company’s competitive edge in the future as well. In addition to automation and network technology, we can also provide you with complete solutions for performance monitoring, which include not only the software but also the necessary security routers and cloud solutions for the entire fleet. Applicable maritime certifications for the relevant components complete the range available from Phoenix Contact.

Transport ship on open sea with containers

Conventional marine automation Redundant, secure, certified, and tested

To ensure the smooth operation of a ship, the maritime components must complement each other perfectly and enable efficient control and networking. In addition to the ship’s drive system and power generation, products from Phoenix Contact can be used to automate other systems, such as rudder systems and fire detection systems.

Redundant network and control solutions are also available for offshore applications in order to implement a reliable alert and monitoring system.


Years of experience and industry-specific expertise result in outstanding solutions for your industry.


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