ICE train passing through a station

Solutions for railway technology Making railway operations safe and reliable

Safe and highly available railway operation requires components that feature high quality, a long service life, and reliability. We have been supporting our customers in the railway industry as a reliable partner for 100 years. We introduced our very first commercial product – a catenary armature for streetcars – in 1923.

And we will also be there for you in the future: With smart solutions for railway technology that ensure safe operation and railway infrastructure digitalization. Learn more about our products and solutions that satisfy the stringent requirements of the railway industry.

Our Railway Center of Excellence Experience Phoenix Contact products on a real railway application

The Railway Center of Excellence was set up at the Phoenix Contact location to showcase our railway-specific products in a real application. Among them are railway infrastructure field elements such as signal, point drive, and wheel sensors. Control tasks are recreated in the signal tower so you can experience the functions first hand. Here you can learn how to use Phoenix Contact products yourself and discuss the challenges of the railway industry with our experts. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

To avoid wasting time with all the electrical switching processes performed during the testing and simulations, we chose Phoenix Contact Push-in direct-connection technology.

Rudolf Mühlenbein - Voestalpine Signaling, Research and development
Rudolf Mühlenbein from Voestalpine Signaling

For a sustainable future Moving towards an All Electric Society

Just as rail transport represents a sustainable option, Phoenix Contact represents for the All Electric Society (AES). The strategic direction is a world in which affordable electrical energy generated from renewable sources is available to everybody on a virtually unlimited basis as the main form of energy. In this context, we continuously work on solutions for sector coupling to optimize the flow of energy from generation, conversion, and storage to efficient consumption. To this end, we create intelligent and networked systems as drivers for a sustainable future.