Cables and lines for signals, data, and power

Cables and lines for signals, data, and power

Whether for signal and power transmission or for networks and bus systems, you can assemble your connectors yourself. Use preassembled cable versions. In addition to the complete range for field installation, Phoenix Contact offers copper- and FO-based data cables, hybrid cables, signal cables, and power cables. Solutions for photovoltaics, for energy storage systems, and cables by the meter complete the portfolio.

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Your advantages

  • Wide range of applications with diverse connector types and cable qualities
  • Consistent cabling from the control cabinet to field level
  • Reliably sealed up to IP67/IP68 degree of protection
  • Perfectly fitting cabling with customer-specific versions starting from a batch size of 1
  • High availability with worldwide production locations

New products

S15 power connectors
Assembled IPD installation cables
Tool-free connection of M8 connectors
Shielded M12 push-pull connectors
Shielded M12 push-pull device connectors
M12 connectors for Single Pair Ethernet
Different M12 hybrid connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

S15 power circular connectors

Powerful and compact

Size 15 circular connectors offer a compact and reliable power connection for asynchronous and three-phase motors up to 7.5 kW. The bayonet fast-locking system enables tool-free, time-saving installation. Connection errors are prevented.

Main features

  • Unshielded size 15 circular connectors
  • Hybrid pin connector pattern: 3 power contacts up to 16 A, 2 signal contacts up to 10 A, PE
  • Bayonet fast-locking system
  • Conductor structure: 6 x 2.5 mm
  • PUR halogen-free cable
  • Degree of protection: IP65, IP67
  • Standardized in accordance with IEC 61076-2-116

Your Advantages

  • Save time through easy, tool-free installation with bayonet fast-locking system
  • Significant space savings with power and signal contacts in a hybrid pin connector pattern
  • Robust in harsh industrial environments due to bend and vibration protection
  • UL approval and IEC standardization for worldwide use

Assembled IPD installation cables

Quick and easy power distribution

Experience simple and tool-free power distribution with the IPD installation system. Assembled IPD cable assemblies facilitate installation and support fast commissioning, especially in large cabling projects.

Main features

  • Number of positions: 2+PE; 4+PE
  • Voltage/currents:
    3-pos.: 450/500 V; up to 16 A
    5-pos.: 450/600 V; up to 16 A
  • Push-Lock connection
  • Degree of protection: IP66, IP68
  • Cable length: 0.5 m, 1 m, 3 m, 5 m
  • Versions with male to female or free cable end

Your Advantages

  • Convenient handling, even in areas that are difficult to access
  • Easy and reliable installation by means of pluggable connection with fast-locking and mechanical coding to prevent mismatching
  • High degree of reliability with robust housings up to IP66 and IP68 degree of protection
  • Customer-specific versions from a batch size of 1 on request

M8 connectors with Push-Lock connection

Tool-free and space-saving cabling

In increasingly networked systems, functions are decentralized and intelligent devices and sensors are miniaturized. Flexible and space-saving cabling is achieved with M8 connectors designed for assembly. The Push-Lock connection enables convenient wiring without tools.

Main features

  • Push-Lock connection technology
  • PROFINET CAT5 (100 Mbps)
  • D-coded, 4-pos., shielded
  • Connection cross-section: 0.14 mm² ... 0.75 mm²
  • Temperature range: -40°C ... +85°C

Your Advantages

  • Easy and time-saving installation: Push-Lock technology enables the tool-free connection of rigid and flexible conductors with and without ferrules
  • Intuitive and safe connection: precise conductor assignment with color coding and numerical coding in the connection area
  • Space-saving installation: one-third smaller than the M12 connector, the M8 Push-Lock connector offers significant space savings and reliable industrial properties

Shielded M12 push-pull connectors

Reliable signal and data transmission

M12 push-pull connectors latch into place by means of direct insertion and enable easy and secure connection for applications in confined spaces and with high cabling density. The new, shielded, A- and D-coded versions guarantee reliable signal and data transmission.

Main features

  • Push-pull internal and external locking
  • Standardized in accordance with IEC 61076-2-010
  • A- and D-coded
  • Advanced Shielding Technology
  • Conductor cross-section: 0.34 mm²
  • Degree of protection: IP65, IP67
  • PUR, halogen-free

Your Advantages

  • Plug-and-produce: quick and reliable connection even in confined spaces
  • Fast installation: time savings of 80% during installation compared to screw connection
  • Flying leads: connectors with internal and external locking
  • Totally protected: Advanced Shielding Technology provides a reliable shield connection, even under extreme environmental conditions
  • Highly future-proof: standardized product range for worldwide availability

Shielded M12 push-pull device connectors

Reliable signal and data transmission

The new SMD M12 device connectors with push-pull internal locking allow secure and tool-free device connection. The recessed M12 push-pull flush-type female connector sits flush with the housing, thus enabling compact housing designs.

Main features

  • Push-pull internal locking
  • Standardized in accordance with IEC 61076-2-010
  • SMD housing screw connections
  • Raised and countersunk versions
  • SMD signal and data: A-, B-, D-, X-, and Y-coded
  • Degree of protection: IP65, IP67
  • DUO contour: compatible with full-thread M12

Your Advantages

  • Plug-and-produce: quick and reliable connection even in confined spaces
  • Greater flexibility: one M12 device connection for screw and push-pull connectors
  • Easy design-in: countersunk M12 ports for compact device concepts
  • Highly future-proof: standardized product range for worldwide availability

M12 connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

Ethernet finally goes the distance

With Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), the established Ethernet protocol is advancing into the final automation levels and forms the basis for future-proof networking from the sensor to the cloud. Easy integration into your conventional sensors is made possible by the new SPE connectors in the ONEPAIR series in size M12.

Main features

  • Transmission standards: 10Base-T1, 100Base-T1, 1000Base-T1
  • Data rates up to 1 Gbps (up to 600 MHz)
  • Power over Data Line (PoDL) up to 60 W
  • Range of up to 1,000 m (10Base-T1L)
  • 360° shielded connectors
  • Cable structure: 1 x 2 x 22/7 AWG
  • Degree of protection: IP67

Your Advantages

  • Easily integrated: M12 male and female versions for established inductive sensors and flying leads
  • Cross-application: ranges of up to 1,000 m, data rates of up to 1 Gbps, and powers of up to 50 W
  • Totally protected: Advanced Shielding Technology provides a reliable shield connection for network cables, even under extreme environmental conditions
  • Future-proof: standardized connectors and cables in accordance with IEC 63171-5

M12 hybrid connectors for Single Pair Ethernet

For high-performance IIoT devices

More power in one connector: the SPE M12 hybrid connector combines data and power for Single Pair Ethernet. With two circuits of two times 8 A, voltages up to 63 V, and the robust M12 design, this connector is ideally suited for use in harsh environments.

Main features

  • Manufacturer-independent IEC standard in accordance with IEC 63171-7 (coding 2)
  • Transmission standards: 10Base-T1, 100Base-T1, 1000Base-T1
  • Data rates up to 1 Gbps (up to 600 MHz)
  • Power transmission up to 2 x 8 A / 63 V DC
  • Degree of protection: IP65/IP67
  • Housing with DUO contour for screw and push-pull locking

Your Advantages

  • Powerful IIoT performance: the SPE M12 hybrid connector is also suitable for applications in the fields of drives, machine building, and robotics
  • Increased convenience and space savings: there is now a connector for Single Pair Ethernet that combines data and power transmission
  • Particularly robust: ideally suited for industrial applications, as well as for field use in harsh environments
  • Long-term usability: future-proof design-in of the M12 Hybrid portfolio with the cross-manufacturer international standard

Man configuring a custom cable assembly on a tablet

Configure your custom cable assembly

Configure your cable connection for signal, data, and power transmission in IP6x environments or for control cabinet applications. Freely selectable cable lengths and cable ends enable customized cable assemblies.

Five differently configured signal and power cables

Signal and power cables for reliable sensor/actuator cabling

Connect sensors and actuators quickly and easily in the field using assembled cables for signal and power transmission.

  • Sizes from M8 to M40 as well as 1/2" and 7/8"
  • Choose from a range of versions and cable qualities
  • Up to 17 positions in one connector
  • Protected and reliable shielding with Advanced Shielding Technology
Five different colored data cables with different connections

Data cables for all common networks and fieldbuses

Transmit data safely and reliably using industrial-grade assembled data cables.

  • Data transmission at up to 40 Gbps
  • Solutions for device connection, control cabinet cabling, and field cabling
  • M8, M12, and RJ45 to USB, HDMI, and D-SUB, up to coaxial and FO connections, as well as cabling for Single Pair Ethernet
  • Wide range of designs, codings, and pin assignments
Four hybrid cables in different colors and different connectors

Hybrid cables for communication interfaces and motor connections

Transmit data signals and power in a single connector in sizes M12, M23, and M40.

  • Preassembled cables in standard or customer-specific designs
  • Plastic molded at one or both ends
  • Angled M23 design with adjustable cable outlet direction
Two different installation cables with connectors

Installation cables for electrical installations

Installation cables with flexible conductors enable modern electrical installations in accordance with IEC 61535. Configuration and assembly in accordance with specifications and appropriate marking for the trade simplify installation.

  • Conductor cross-sections from 0.5 to 6.0 mm²
  • External cable diameter of 6 to 21 mm
  • 2- to 5-pos. connectors
Three PV cables with different connectors

PV cables for DC cabling

Photovoltaic cables from the SUNCLIX series connect all the function elements of your PV project safely and consistently from the PV panel through to the inverter – for safe operation in rooftop systems in commercial and industrial power stations.

  • Conductor cross-sections from 2.5 to 10 mm²
  • Customized assembly
  • Unique pin connector pattern
AC and DC charging cables for e-mobility

Charging cables for e-mobility

The CHARX connect AC and DC charging cables enable mode 3 and fast charging of electric vehicles with up to 500 kW. The charging connectors are available for type 1, type 2, and GB/T. They stand out with their high level of safety, reliability, durability as well as their attractive and highly ergonomic design.

Five cables and connectors in a customer-specific design

Customer-specific cable assemblies

Assemble custom cables for your application with a wide range of designs, codings, and pin assignments.

  • All standard cables and connectors for data, signal, and power transmission
  • A range of services tailored to applications in machine building and systems manufacturing, infrastructure as well as wind power and other forms of renewable energy
Three different colored cable reels with cables by the meter

Cables by the meter for copper and FO applications

Implement various applications with our cables sold by the meter. Design the cabling in accordance with your specific requirements.

  • Versatile cable types
  • Custom cable lengths
  • With connectors designed for assembly

A wide range of solutions for the following industries Connectors and cables are used in almost all industries and markets, and tailor-made solutions are available. The industries in which they are used include:

Automotive production
Oil refinery plant at night
Modern office building
Solar system with wind turbines in the background
5G antenna base station
Advanced Shielding Technology

Advanced Shielding Technology

Advanced Shielding Technology Totally protected shielding

Advanced Shielding Technology is the innovative shielding concept for assembled connectors. Liquid metal completely encloses the cable shielding during the manufacturing process and guarantees a fully protected and reliable shield connection. You can thus increase the transmission quality of data, signals, and power even under extreme environmental influences. Place your trust in future-proof cabling in state-of-the-art factory automation.