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QUINT POWER – maximum availability and individually adjustable

Maximum availability and individually adjustable

QUINT POWER with SFB Technology and NFC interface.

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High-performance QUINT POWER power supplies feature new functions to ensure superior system availability. The unique SFB Technology and preventive function monitoring increase the availability of your application. Via the NFC interface, signaling thresholds and characteristic curves such as the output voltage can be individually adjusted.

Your advantages

  • SFB Technology selectively trips standard circuit breakers; loads connected in parallel continue working
  • Preventive function monitoring indicates critical operating states before errors occur
  • Signaling thresholds and characteristic curves that can be adjusted via NFC maximize system availability
  • Easy system extension with static boost; starting of heavy loads with dynamic boost
  • High noise immunity, thanks to integrated gas-filled surge arrester and more than 20 ms mains failure buffer time

Individual setup of QUINT POWER

Do you require a power supply with individual settings?

Using the configurator, you can optimally adapt your QUINT POWER power supply to your specific application: set various parameters, such as signaling thresholds, characteristic curves or the output voltage individually and order your customized power supply in quantities of one or more.

SFB Technology

SFB Technology - important system parts remain in operation  

SFB Technology trips miniature circuit breakers

In order to trip standard miniature circuit breakers magnetically and quickly, power supplies must be able to supply several times the nominal current for a short period.

With SFB (Selective Fuse Breaking) Technology, which supplies up to 6 times the nominal current for 12 ms, a dynamic power reserve is available. Faulty current paths are switched off selectively, the fault is located, and important system parts remain in operation.

Preventive function monitoring

Preventive function monitoring visualizes critical operating states and reports them to the controller before errors can occur  

Preventive function monitoring warns against critical operating states

The output voltage and output current are constantly monitored. Preventive function monitoring visualizes critical operating states and reports them to the controller before errors can occur. Remote monitoring is provided by means of active switching outputs and floating relay contacts.

NFC interface

Individual parameterization: wirelessly via the NFC interface  

Individual parameterization: wirelessly via the NFC interface

Near Field Communication (NFC) enables wireless parameterization. Configure signaling thresholds as well as output voltages and define individual characteristic curves.

System extension

System extension with POWER BOOST  

Extend systems easily with POWER BOOST

For system extensions, the static boost supplies up to 125% of the nominal current. The dynamic boost supplies up to double the nominal current for 5 seconds when starting up heavy loads.

Conformal coating for extreme environments

Power supplies with dip-coated PCBs for extreme ambient conditions  

QUINT POWER with protective coating

Painting the PCB protects against dust, corrosive gases, and 100% humidity as well as failure caused by corrosion-related creepage currents and electrochemical migration. The components are protected within a wide temperature range of -40°C to +70°C.

For sensitive loads, e.g., in process technology, the QUINT POWER modules feature a protective coating and limit surge voltages to 32 V by means of OVP (Over Voltage Protection).


Developed for frequency inverters

QUINT POWER works particularly reliably, thanks to the simultaneous connection to AC voltage and DC intermediate circuit voltage  

Controlled machine stop in the event of mains failure by using the kinetic energy of motors

The QUINT POWER power supply is specifically designed for connection to frequency inverters. It is simultaneously connected to the AC voltage and the DC intermediate circuit voltage of an inverter. In the event of mains failure, the energy of the DC intermediate circuit continues to supply all connected 24 V loads without interruption.


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Configure products and solutions for your individual application.

Customizable power supply for superior system availability

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