Highly compact, safe coupling relays

PSRmini highly compact, safe coupling relays

New standard for the process industry

Highly compact, safe coupling relay for electrical isolation and power adaptation

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PSRmini is the most narrow coupling relay on the market. Amplify digital signals and protect your system through electrical isolation. The force-guided contacts enable easy and quick diagnostics. This ensures short downtimes during scheduled maintenance phases.

Your advantages

  • Up to 70 % space savings without limiting performance, thanks to new relay technology, developed in-house
  • Easy and quick proof test, thanks to force-guided contacts
  • Installation up to Ex zone 2, thanks to extensive approvals
  • Quick and error-free startup using the system cabling

PSRmini for the process industry – each signal is reliably available

PSRmini control cabinet application with Termination Carrier  

Combined with the PSRmini, the Termination Carrier provides a unique packing density in the control cabinet

As a specialist in the process industry, you rank integrity and reliability among the primary requirements for your systems and components.

For this reason, we would like to introduce to you our highly compact, safe coupling relay for electrical isolation and power adaptation:

Adapted to the relevant process control systems and special requirements of your industry, we offer SIL-certified coupling modules for emergency shutdown and fire and gas applications.

New relay technology from Phoenix Contact

Relay technology from Phoenix Contact  

Innovative relay technology from Phoenix Contact: maximum safety and high switching loads up to 6 A.

The centerpiece of the new coupling relay is our internally developed elementary relay with force-guided contacts. The innovative relay technology from Phoenix Contact offers maximum safety and boasts many technological details:

  • High switching capacity up to 6 A
  • Maximum availability, thanks to the double diagnostics contact
  • Installation up to the hazardous area


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Relay technology from PHOENIX CONTACT

Extremely high level of performance and a minimum overall width.

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