Gateways and proxies

Integration made easy

Integration made easy

Gateways and proxies are the intelligent solution for integrating networks into other networks.

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Configure or parameterize multiple networks and partial segments consistently – no problem with gateways and proxies from Phoenix Contact. Our new gateways for PROFIsafe are also the ideal solution for the control-independent and comprehensive integration of functional safety.

Your advantages

  • 1:1 integration of networks or segments, thanks to proxy technology
  • Easy system modernization with transparent communication over multiple bus systems
  • Versatile diagnostics: thanks to topology detection and manufacturer-independent diagnostic concepts
  • Fast device replacement with optional CF card as parameterization memory

Gateways and proxies for PROFINET

Proxy for INTERBUS  

Proxy for INTERBUS

Do you want to integrate an INTERBUS application into a PROFINET network? Then the FL NP PND-4TX IB is the ideal solution. Simply parameterize the device using your corresponding programming tool. Use the integrated switch in the control cabinet as an uplink to the higher-level control system or in the field for series connection.

Gateways and proxies for PROFIsafe

Proxy for PROFIsafe  

Proxy for PROFIsafe

Unique: consistent PROFIsafe communication across network boundaries.

The PROFIsafe gateway from Phoenix Contact enables secure communication between two PROFINET networks. This means that you can implement system-wide and manufacturer-independent functional safety, such as emergency stop concepts.

Intelligent connection: bus systems to Ethernet networks

Integration using proxies

Integration using proxies

The main advantage of Ethernet-based PROFINET is that subsystems can be consistently integrated into the communication and diagnostics concept using gateways and proxies.

You can also access field devices via the PROFINET controller. This means that there is no duplicate configuration or addressing. Therefore you can even integrate partial segments or older systems without Ethernet into your PROFINET network.

In automotive production a robot cell uses INTERBUS. However, the various control cabinets are networked via PROFINET.


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