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Protective hose - WP-PA HF-HB 34,5 BK 15M - 0803901

Polyamide protective hose, flammability rating HB, UV resistant, 1 Pcs./Pkt. = roll à 15 m

Corrugated tube screw connection - HC-B-GCA-M20-PLRBK - 1412021

EVO corrugated pipe screw connection, size: M20, protection class: IP66, plastic

Screw connection - WP-G PP HF PG21 - 3240992

Cable gland made from PP with Pg thread, IP65 protection

Screw connection - WP-GR HF IP69K PG7 BK - 3240930

Cable gland, Pg thread, IP68/69k protection, with strain relief

Cable tie - WT-HF 4,5X160 BK-L - 3240758

Cable binders for quick and secure bundling, standard version

Flat gasket - WP-FS HF IP68 PG36 - 3241186

Flat gasket, height: 2.5 mm, diameter: 54 mm, color: green

Cable tie - WT-STEEL S 7,9X838 - 3240725

Cable binders, made from rust-free stainless steel (AISI 304), suitable for harsh ambient conditions, with ball lock, for quick and secure bundling and fastening

Flat gasket - WP-FS HF IP68 PG11 - 3241182

Flat gasket, height: 2 mm, diameter: 22.5 mm, color: green

Cable driller - WG-D HF 10,2 BK - 3241102

Cable drillers, for fast and tool-free bundling of conductors and cables, removable and reusable

Screw connection - WP-GT PP HF M32 - 3241014

Cable gland made from PP with metric thread, rotatable, IP54 protection

479 Results


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