Wireless I/O

Wireless I/O

Wireless transmission of I/O signals

Wireless I/O communication: quick, easy and reliable.

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  • Bluetooth I/O
    Bluetooth I/O

    Bluetooth I/O devices for reliable and secure I/O communication with rotating or difficult to access system parts.

  • Trusted Wireless 2.0 I/O
    Trusted Wireless 2.0 I/O

    Radioline for secure and reliable I/O communication in environments subject to high levels of interference.

  • Trusted Wireless I/O
    Trusted Wireless I/O

    Trusted Wireless I/O for secure and reliable I/O communication in high-interference environments.

  • WirelessHART

    WirelessHART devices for wireless and secure communication in process technology.

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Wireless I/O from Phoenix Contact is the ideal solution for the wireless transfer of digital or analog I/O signals. Whatever your needs, we offer the right choice for your I/O communication in process and control technology.

Your advantages

  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs by eliminating cables
  • Mobility for mobile or interchangeable automation components, thanks to wireless I/O communication
  • No operating costs for transmission media, thanks to wear-free wireless technology
  • Quick and easy start-up, thanks to user-friendly installation


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