Surge protection devices

Effective protection

Simply greater availability

Surge protection means greater availability - the key to your business reputation and success. An essential requirement for reliable system operation.

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  • Set solutions
    Set solutions

    Set solutions, for buildings or photovoltaic systems provide comprehensive protection against damage caused by surge voltages.

  • Preventive maintenance - Testing surge protection devices
    Test device for arresters

    The portable test device checks all the relevant components of plug-in surge protective devices.

  • Isolating spark gap
    Isolating spark gap

    The FLT-ISG… isolating spark gap for protecting insulating flanges on pipelines and indirect equipotential bonding

  • Lightning monitoring
    Lightning monitoring

    The lightning monitoring system acquires and analyzes lighting surge currents. Maintenance can therefore be planned optimally.

  • Interference filters
    Interference filters

    Interference filters limit unwanted voltage peaks and smooth the voltage signal.

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Today's power and communication systems are highly sensitive and easily damaged by power surges. Therefore, integrating surge protection has become an essential step in protecting your system and data reliability. For over 25 years, high quality products, innovation and unique features have positioned Phoenix Contact as a trusted industry leader in surge protection technology and solutions.


  • Protection for all common applications and signals
  • Versatile fields of application – designs and connection methods for every application
  • Space-saving, easy and cost-effective installation, thanks to a slim design
  • Pluggable, hot-swappable, testable modules
  • Protection against transients and high-frequency voltages with combinations of interference filters and surge protection

Effective protection principle

The protective circuit provides seamless protection against surge voltages.  

The protective principle against surge voltages

Surge protection made simple.

The principle of effective protection is a simple step-by-step approach to setting up comprehensive surge protection within a system or an application.  

  1. Draw an imaginary protective circle around the system that requires protection.
  2. Mark all the points where the circle cuts across the connections of the system. By doing this, you identify the doorways for potential surges.
  3. Install surge protection devices at each point of surge vulnerability.
  4. The area within the protective circuit is now protected in such a way that conducted surge voltages are prevented.

Implementing this principle eliminates the threat of open doorways to harmful surges into your system/application.  


Areas for comprehensive surge protection:

  • Power surge protection
  • Measurement and control technology surge protection
  • Data and telecom surge protection
  • Coaxial surge protection



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Remote maintenance and monitoring

New releases for convenient remote maintenance and monitoring.

Modern electronics demand a modern solution

The VAL-MS BE-AR now gives the railroad industry a contemporary solution for track-side field connection and surge protection.

Modern electronics demand a modern solution
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