DC charging cables

DC charging cables


Vehicle Connector for connection to fast charging stations.

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    DC charging cable

    DC vehicle connectors in accordance with Type 1, Type 2 and GB/T standard from Phoenix Contact for connecting to fast charging stations

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DC charging is ideal for short charging breaks on longer journeys. Charge your electric vehicle quickly with the standardized DC charging cables for Type 1, Type 2, and GB/T standard from Phoenix Contact. The integrated sensors enable precise temperature monitoring, thereby guaranteeing a safe charging process.

Your advantages

  • Complete product range for CCS Type 1, CCS Type 2, and GB/T standard
  • Silver-plated surface of the power and signal contacts
  • Integrated temperature sensors for monitoring the temperature at the power contacts
  • Convenient handling, thanks to the ergonomic handle and additional rubber grip components
  • Developed and produced according to IATF 16949 and ISO 9001

Fast DC charging in accordance with mode 4

Charging mode 4  

Charging mode 4

In the case of DC fast charging, high levels of charging power are generally transmitted. Charging processes are completed within a very short time. DC charging cables in accordance with charging mode 4 have a Vehicle Connector and an open cable end. They are connected directly to charging stations which feature an AC/DC converter.

DC charging cables for North America

CCS Type 1 Vehicle Connector for the North American market  

CCS Type 1 Vehicle Connector

The CCS Type 1 charging cables were developed for fast DC charging in accordance with SAE J1772 and IEC 62196-3 for the North American market. Both the CCS Type 1 Vehicle Connectors and the AWG cables are UL-certified. A lever locking mechanism prevents the Vehicle Connector from being pulled out under load.

  • 125 A / 600 V DC (AWG)


DC charging cable for Europe

CCS Type 2 Vehicle Connector for the European market  

CCS Type 2 Vehicle Connector

2013 marked an important milestone for fast charging technology in Europe when the European Commission specified Type 2 as the standard for Europe. Fast DC charging as well as AC charging is also carried out for this connector geometry using the Combined Charging System (CCS). During the charging process, the DC charging cables lock electromechanically by means of a locking actuator integrated in the Vehicle Inlet. The charging cables comply with standard IEC 62196-3 and are VDE-certified.

  • 60 A / 1000 V DC (metric)
  • 125 A / 1000 V DC (metric)
  • 200 A / 1000 V DC (metric)

DC charging cable for China

Vehicle Connector for DC charging in accordance with GB/T standard for the Chinese market  

DC Vehicle Connector in accordance with GB/T

DC charging cables in accordance with GB/T 20234.3-2015 are used for fast charging in the Chinese charging infrastructure. The Vehicle Connector has a unique locking mechanism that was developed by Phoenix Contact. The locking mechanism, which is controlled by the charging station, prevents the lever from being actuated on the Vehicle Connector during the charging process. It is therefore not possible to pull out the Vehicle Connector during the charging process.

  • 80 A / 1000 V DC (metric)
  • 125 A / 1000 V DC (metric)
  • 250 A / 1000 V DC (metric)


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