Force-guided coupling relays

Force-guided coupling relays

Universal use

Universal safety relay with force-guided contacts for safe isolation.

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The coupling relays with force-guided contacts from Phoenix Contact are basic devices for single-channel control. The coupling relays can be used for electrical isolation, power amplification, and increasing the number of contacts.

Your advantages

  • Maximum safety with force-guided contacts according to EN 50205
  • Reliable signal exchange between two systems with response function

Coupling relays for universal use

Force-guided coupling relays  

Comprehensive coupling relay product range for basic functions

The coupling relays are basic devices for single-channel control and enable safe diagnosis via a force-guided N/C contact. The coupling relays ensure, for example, reliable signal exchange between two systems with response function.

Like all PSR safety relay modules for safe shutdown, the coupling relays are equipped with force-guided contacts according to EN 50205. The EN 50205 standard describes the design and method of operation of relays with force-guided contacts. Contact welding, for example, can therefore be detected reliably and maximum safety can be ensured.

The force-guided coupling relays are also available with pluggable screw and spring connection terminal blocks.

Safety through force-guided contacts

Force-guided contacts  

Operating principle of force-guided contacts

Forced guidance means that the N/O and N/C contacts of an elementary relay are linked to one another mechanically. This prevents N/O and N/C contacts from closing at the same time. When used together with a suitable circuit, failure to open is reliably detected. This is the most reliable way of ensuring maximum safety for both person and machine.

Needless to say, the products in the PSRmini and PSRclassic series are equipped with force-guided contacts. This ensures maximum possible safety for you.

Safe, SIL-certified coupling relays

Safe, SIL-certified PSRmini coupling relays  

Safe, SIL-certified coupling relays for safe switch on and off

The safe coupling relays with force-guided contacts are SIL-certified and are used for electrical isolation and power amplification.

You can choose the PSRclassic safe coupling relays, the standard version on the market, or the highly-compact PSRmini safe coupling relays. At 6 and 12 mm, these coupling relays are the narrowest on the market.

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