Safety relay modules

Safety relay modules

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Innovative and reliable technology, tried and tested over many years – your guarantee for functional safety.

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Benefit from our experience in safety technology. If you only require a few safety functions in your machine, our PSR safety relay modules are the ideal solution.

Your advantages

  • Versatile use – the ideal solution for every function
  • Reliable, thanks to proven safety technology
  • Fast installation and startup with user-friendly connection technology
  • Space saving, thanks to the slim design

Safe coupling relays – each signal is reliably available

PSRclassic and PSRmini coupling relays  

Coupling relays for safe switching on and off

The classic safe coupling relays with force-guided contacts are SIL-certified and are used for electrical isolation and power amplification.

With the PSR coupling relay range, you can choose between the market-standard PSRclassic version, and the entirely new PSRmini. With widths of 6 and 12 mm, these new coupling relays are the narrowest on the market.

Safety relays – the ideal solution for every function

PSRclassic and PSRmini safety relays  

Safety relays for simple functions such as emergency stop and two-hand control

In the safety relay field, two device series are also available; the PSRmini and PSRclassic. When operating basic functions such as emergency stop or two-hand control, you can choose between the proven standard PSRclassic range, or the new, extremely compact PSRmini devices measuring just 6 mm and 12 mm. Or, you can simply combine these to best suit your application.

Multifunctional safety relays – three functions in one device

PSRmultifunction multifunctional safety relays  

Multifunctional safety relays in three versions: screw, spring-cage, and Push-in connection

The multi-functional PSRmultifunction safety relays provide three safety functions such as emergency stop, safety door or light grid monitoring rolled into one device. Thanks to two local and one higher-level sensor circuit, they provide a slim solution for many standard applications.

Zero-speed and over-speed safety relays – safely monitor rotating parts

PSRmotion zero-speed safety relays  

Highly compact zero-speed safety relays for drive monitoring without sensors

Use the narrow PSRmotion zero-speed safety relay to monitor the shutdown of a dangerous movement without additional sensors. For example, a guard locking device can be controlled in this way. Downtime is detected by evaluating the voltage induced in the motor winding.

With the PSR-MM30 zero-speed and over-speed safety relays, you can monitor the speed of rotating parts in systems and machines. If a predefined speed is exceeded for example, the device shuts down safely.

Force-guided coupling relays – for universal use

Force-guided coupling relays for universal use  

Force-guided coupling relays

The force-guided coupling relays are basic devices for single-channel control. You can use the coupling relays for electrical isolation, power amplification, and for increasing the number of contacts.

Like all PSR safety relay modules, the coupling relays are equipped with force-guided contacts according to EN 50205. This means you can use the coupling relays to perform reliable diagnostics via a force-guided N/C contact.


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