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Preventive function monitoring

The QUINT POWER industrial power supply maximizes the availability of your system. Preventive function monitoring is particularly important in this respect.

Detect critical operating states at an early stage

If the power supply is in Boost mode, this message will be shown as an alert: so that it does not lead to outages in your system.  

Remote monitoring using active switching output and floating relay contact

What preventive function monitoring means for you and your system: critical situations are detected before errors can occur.

  • Permanent monitoring of the output voltage and output current
  • Critical situations are visualized and indicated as follows:
    • Via LED
    • Via floating relay contact
    • Via active switching output

Monitoring in POWER BOOST mode

Monitoring a power supply in POWER BOOST mode  

The full output voltage is available in POWER BOOST mode.

The power supply supplies more than the specified nominal current:

  • The power supply is in POWER BOOST mode.
  • It operates normally – as do the connected loads – at an output voltage of 24 V DC.

In POWER BOOST mode, another load increase occurs. This is indicated and reported to the controller. Preventive function monitoring responds before errors can occur.


Preventive function monitoring localizes the problem as a conveyor belt that is not running smoothly. The system can be repaired before other loads are affected by voltage dips.  

In practice

Find out more: the test shows the advantages of preventive function monitoring.

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