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Continuous communication between the UPS and energy storage ensures maximum availability.

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You can always find the ideal solution for superior system availability with the new modular system for uninterruptible power supplies. The various storage media feature a wide range of different properties: long service life or very long buffer time, no maintenance or use at extreme ambient temperatures. Whatever your requirements, we have the right energy storage for you.

Your advantages

  • High degree of flexibility, thanks to modular system
  • Fast installation: automatic detection of the energy storage
  • Consistent notification: the connected energy storage communicates with the UPS
  • Maximized service life: charging currents are optimized depending on the technology and temperatures used

Intelligent in every combination

Suitable energy storage  

Energy storage for every application

Energy storage provides quality and reliability. Select the right energy storage technology for your requirements:

  • Lead-acid batteries offer buffer times of 8 hours with a service life of 15 years and ambient temperatures from -40°C to +60°C.
  • CAP energy storage devices are ideal if the focus is on maximum service life. They buffer load currents of 20 A for 30 seconds or 1 A for 12 minutes. They do not require any maintenance at all, offering a service life of over 20 years and over 500,000 charging cycles.
  • Energy storage with lithium iron phosphate technology offers a combination of a long service life with long buffer times. They offer buffer times of up to 40 minutes with a service life of 15 years and 7000 charging cycles.

Energy storage for TRIO UPS, MINI UPS, and STEP UPS

MINI UPS power supply  

MINI UPS with energy storage

When used in combination with TRIO UPS, the maintenance-free energy storage with VRLA technology and 1.3 to 12 Ah enables buffer times of up to 2 hours at a 5 A load current.

Corresponding MINI BAT energy storage with 24 V DC and 12 V DC is available for the MINI UPS.

Replacement batteries can be ordered for QUINT UPS and STEP UPS with integrated energy storage.


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