Test disconnect system without operating plug and transformer short circuit in the test plug

Test disconnect system without operating plug

Combine testing processes

With FAME 2 you can combine complex testing processes in just one block.

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FAME 2, the test disconnect system without operating plug, combines complex switching operations for function tests of current transformers and voltage transducers, as well as tripping and signal contacts, into just one compact and space-saving block. The system operates in accordance with the N/C contact principle. An operating plug is not required. Jumpers in the test plug ensure an automatic transducer short-circuit function.

Your advantages

  • Maximum safety with leading and automatic transformer short circuit and touch-proof design
  • Easy testing thanks to the forced switching sequence in just one block
  • Safe, thanks to guided operation with patented rotary handle
  • Configurable short-circuit jumper in the test plug with standardized CLIPLINE complete system accessories
  • Safe assignment, thanks to the coding option
  • Flexible, thanks to the free choice of connection technology – push-in connection or screw connection
  • Save time and costs thanks to the customizable test disconnect sockets for assembly

Outstanding design

FAME test plugs  

FAME test plugs

The Ret Dot Award is awarded for excellence in design quality. The international jury honors outstanding designs, which excel among comparable competitors' products, with the seal of quality. FAME impressed the jury with its functional design and was therefore awarded the Red Dot Award 2014.


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