Plotter and engraving system

Plotter and engraving system

For heavy-duty applications

The ideal system for markings that are subjected to extreme chemical and mechanical stress.

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When used in conjunction with high-quality marking material, you can count on the engraving system to produce durable markings. These are clearly legible even under extreme conditions. You can quickly convert a plotter into an engraving system: simply replace the standard plotter head with the engraving unit.

Your advantages

  • Easy-to-control plotter, thanks to PROJECT complete marking software
  • Fast startup, thanks to USB and Centronics interface
  • User friendly – clear operation with just four keys

Ideal for the workshop

Plotter with engraving system from Phoenix Contact  

Plotter with engraving system

The plotter with engraving unit is the ideal marking system for use in workshops.

You can use the system to engrave metals and special double-layer plastics. Engraving chisels are available with diameters ranging from 0.2 to 1.0 mm for creating different line thicknesses.

  • Engraved labels can be used, for example, to mark cables that are laid in the ground.
  • Create durable markings for aggressive environments.



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