Multi-channel electronic circuit breakers

Multi-channel electronic circuit breakers

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The CBM and CBMC multi-channel electronic circuit breakers provide greater functionality in a small amount of space. Thanks to Push-in connection technology, they are particularly suitable for use in machine building and control technology.

Your advantages

  • Versatile use, thanks to fine nominal current levels
  • Space-saving, easy installation, thanks to the compact design and Push-in connection technology
  • Increased system safety, thanks to electronic locking of the set nominal currents
  • Various fields of application, thanks to the wide temperature range and high resistance to shock and vibration

CBM - device circuit breaker with nominal current wizard

CBM 4-channel and 8-channel device circuit breakers  

Multi-channel electronic device circuit breakers - CBM

Four to eight channels can be safely protected against overload and short-circuit currents with the CBM multi-channel device circuit breakers. Thanks to the integrated nominal current wizard, setting the right nominal current for your loads is as easy as pie.The selected settings are locked electronically. This prevents the risk of unintentional adjustment.

The integrated early warning system ensures fewer failures. If 80% of the set nominal current of a channel is reached, a warning is indicated via the associated LED. Furthermore, the separate signal output can be used for remote signaling.

Thanks to the active current limitation, the upstream power supply can be used optimally. This enables the use of smaller switched-mode power supply units and prevents undesirable voltage dips.

CBMC - highly compact device circuit breakers

CBMC 4-channel device circuit breakers  

CBMC compact multi-channel electronic device circuit breakers

CBMC, the new electronic device circuit breaker, was designed to meet your specific requirements: It combines a compact design and options for individual adjustments. The four channels can be adjusted via the LED button easily and with no need for tools.

The integrated early warning system ensures fewer failures with CBMC, too. If 80% of the set nominal current of a channel is reached, an alarm is triggered via the associated LED.

CBMC also provides the right solution for NEC Class 2 circuits. The adjustable devices for one to four amps offer ideal protection for cables and sensors by means of an additional internal output fuse.

For you, this means that you can easily and flexibly adjust currents, save space, and reliably protect all applications while using just one piece of equipment.

Get the best protection for your system and order items that are pre-configured to your requirements.


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CBMC device circuit breakers

Compact and individually adjustable

CBMC Device circuit breakers

Compact and individually adjustable

Current limitation – what is it?

Behaviors of circuit breakers with or without active current limitation

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