Ethernet extender

Ethernet extender

Extend complex IP networks easily

Connect Ethernet networks easily via Plug and Play and diagnose via IP.

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Thanks to the new Ethernet extenders, you can connect Ethernet networks across up to 20 kilometers via simple two-wire cables. By doing so, you can combine Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet extenders in one network. This innovative combination and the extremely easy startup using Plug and Play enable cost-effective networking and diagnostics of all devices and paths via IP.

Your advantages

  • Ethernet communication up to 20 kilometers via any two-wire copper cable
  • Cost-effective networking of Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet extenders in complex IP networks
  • Greater flexibility, thanks to continuous remote diagnostics of all devices and paths via IP
  • High fault tolerance, thanks to preemptive maintenance with replaceable PLUGTRAB PT-IQ surge protection
  • Impact-free system extension during ongoing operation via any two-wire cables

Unique Ethernet extender system

Ethernet extender system  

Link Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet extenders in one network.

The innovative combination of Managed and Unmanaged Ethernet extenders in a network make the networking of devices more simple and cost-effective than ever before.

Thanks to the Ethernet extender system, you can establish point-to-point, line, and ring structures across up to 20 kilometers. Simply use existing two-wire copper cables to network the devices. Extension is possible during ongoing operation.

The system detects topologies and data rates. Adjustments are made automatically if the framework conditions are changed. In the event of unexpected events such as line attenuation, you receive a warning.

Managed Ethernet extender

Managed Ethernet extender  

The Managed Ethernet extender makes your Ethernet network simple and cost-effective

Thanks to the Managed Ethernet extender, you can diagnose all devices and paths centrally via IP. Messages can be forwarded automatically to the control center via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

The Managed Ethernet extender is available in two versions:

  • 4-port Ethernet switch with two ​DSL ports​ for point-to-point, line, and ring topologies and display
  • 1-port Ethernet switch with one ​DSL port​ for point-to-point applications and LEDs

Both devices have replaceable, high-quality surge protection with preventive function monitoring. This increases system availability.

Unmanaged Ethernet extender

Unmanaged Ethernet extender  

Plug and Play also in ring structures

The unmanaged Ethernet extender enables easy startup via Plug and Play. The automatic topology and data rate detection also saves time and money. The system can be extended during operation without causing any adverse impact. Unlike the managed extender, the unmanaged version is protocol transparent for the Ethernet network. The device does not have its own IP address.

The unmanaged Ethernet extender supports point-to-point, line, and ring topologies.

High-quality surge protection

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ surge protection  

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ intelligent surge protection warns you before system protection is lost

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ is the forward-looking surge protection system from Phoenix Contact.

Your advantage: multi-stage monitoring of protective devices. This means that failures can be foreseen.

The multi-stage signaling and remote signaling of the protective devices is of particular interest. This enables the following result messages to be sent via SNMP:

  • Performance limit reached, replacement recommended
  • Overloaded, replacement required


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Ethernet extender system

Usage of the Ethernet extender system at Bad Pyrmont municipal utilities.

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