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Axioline F – robust under extreme conditions

Axioline F in shipbuilding – robust under extreme conditions

In harsh conditions, reliable communication is essential. Axioline F features a particularly robust mechanical design. The system is also extremely immune to electromagnetic radiation. The XC versions with an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C and varnished PCBs are ideal for use under extreme conditions.

Cost-effective network redundancy

Topology for cost-effective network redundancy in shipbuilding  

Topology for cost-effective network redundancy in shipbuilding

In maritime applications, network-redundant systems are required for operational reliability. These can be implemented cost-effectively with Axioline F. The bus coupler with two independent network ports can be incorporated into redundant networks without additional redundancy components. The high-performance structure of the Axioline F system provides optimum, reliable data communication.

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Axioline F in use


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