Networks in process engineering

Networks in process engineering

Quality between the field and the control level

Thanks to network components from Phoenix Contact, you can achieve failsafe communication from the sensor to the control room.

In process engineering systems, the result depends on a continual control process. It is therefore important to monitor every part of the process exactly and ensure seamless and failsafe data transmission from the sensor to the control center.

Phoenix Contact stands for quality between the control level and the field. That means: reliably acquiring, transmitting, converting, connecting, disconnecting, amplifying, and switching analog, binary or digital signals. Redundantly designed network solutions ensure that this information is always available at the right place.

Your advantages

  • Redundant and therefore failsafe communication networks from the sensor to the control center
  • One contact person for solutions with SIL and ATEX-certified components
  • Uninterruptible power supply with redundant power supply units

Intrinsically safe I/O systems

Intrinsically safe I/O terminals  

Intrinsically safe I/O terminals for signal processing in the ex area

With the help of a wide range of control and I/O systems, you design a tailored automation solution for your process engineering system.

You also process a large number of signals from the ex area. In addition, it is also possible to integrate modules for functional safety and therefore cover areas where IECEx and ATEX apply.

Redundant networks

Redundant network components  

Redundant network components for failsafe communication

Irrespective of which transmission medium you use in your process, we have the right network components in order for you to set up a failsafe communication solution, for example, with RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) or MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol).

The basis for this are the high-performance gigabit switches, modems, controllers, and media converters.

Redundant power supplies

Redundant power supplies  

Redundant power supplies for maximum availability

If the energy supply to system parts or even individual components is briefly interrupted, this can lead to long and therefore costly production failures as a result of long shutdown or startup times of processes.

Phoenix Contact offers you consistently redundant auxiliary voltage supplies from the mains to every load.

Redundant control of airfield refueling

A redundantly designed control system monitors and controls the refueling process via PIT kerosene hydrants at the aircraft parking bays (in this case, 34). If a hydrant transmits an alarm,
this and the neighboring hydrants are shut down.

The intelligent emergency stop system is SIL 2-certified. Combined with the redundantly designed PROFINET
communication, safe control of the refueling process is ensured at all times.

Redundant control of airfield refueling  

Redundantly designed control concept for airfield refueling


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