Distributors, adapters, and conductor connectors

Distributors, adapters, and conductor connectors for reliable signal, data, and power cabling

Adapt your signal, data, and power cabling to your specific requirements. We provide consistent solutions for passive field cabling. The extensive product range includes distributor boxes, splice boxes, conductor connectors, adapters, and distributors. We offer a wide range of designs and interfaces for copper and FO applications.

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Your advantages

  • Potential savings by distributing and bundling signals, data, and power
  • Space-saving cabling with high-position versions
  • 360° shielding for reliable transmission and distribution
  • Flexible integration of new devices
  • Customer-specific versions on request

New products

PRC cable connectors and protective caps
IPD pluggable installation system
Fiber-optic loose tube cables and mini breakout cables
Fiber-optic-cable distributor boxes for mounting on the DIN rail
FDX 20 series splice/distribution boxes for DIN rail mounting

PRC cable connectors and protective caps

For secure connections in outdoor areas

With PRC cable connectors and protective caps, you can carry out cable work reliably for superstructures and structural alterations. The PRC SPLK cable connectors ensure long-term stable connections for cables. The protective cap PRC TERM protects open cable ends against dirt and moisture.

Main features

  • Rated voltage: 600 V AC
  • Rated current: 20 A
  • Cable diameter: 9.5 mm ... 12.5 mm
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Connection range: up to 4 mm²

Your Advantages

  • Easily extend and repair conductors and cables
  • Secure protection of free cable ends against environmental influences
  • Suitable for use outdoors with UV and saltwater-resistant plastics
  • Patented closure technology prevents the housing from being opened accidentally

IPD pluggable installation system

Simple and tool-free power distribution

Based on Push-in technology and a fast-locking system, the pluggable IPD installation system enables simple, time-saving power distribution in buildings and infrastructure facilities. The IPD system offers convenient working and reliable assembly, even in particularly difficult installation situations.

Main features

  • Field-side with Push-Lock connection
  • Device-side with Push-in connection
  • Fast-locking
  • Voltage: 690 V
  • Currents up to 16 A
  • Conductor cross-section: 0.5 mm² … 2.5 mm²
  • Degree of protection: IP67, IP68
  • Impact resistance: IK07

Your Advantages

  • Connectors with Push-Lock and panel feed-throughs with Push-in connection allow easy, tool-free assembly
  • Easy and reliable installation thanks to pluggable connection with fast-locking and mechanical coding to prevent mismatching
  • Male and female versions for wire-to-wire connections
  • Easy device replacement in the event of servicing with pluggable components
  • IP67 degree of protection for use outdoors and in wet areas

Loose tube and mini breakout cables

Reliably wire fiber-optic splice boxes

Fiber-optic loose tube cables and mini breakout cables are an outstanding choice for future-proof cabling of distributors and splice boxes. The design as a universal cable allows for applications both inside and outside of buildings.

Main features

  • 10 loose-tube cable versions for multimode and singlemode
  • 2 mini breakout cable versions for multimode OM4
  • Versions with 12 or 24 fibers
  • Lengths: Configurable up to 1,000 m
  • Sheath colors that match the fiber category
  • CPR certificate for use in structures
  • Ozone- and UV-resistant

Your Advantages

  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor routing
  • Optimal for assembling with connectors or for splicing
  • High flexibility with a large range of versions
  • Wide range of applications thanks to temperature ranges of -40 to +70°C
  • High resistance to tensile forces of up to 3,000 N

Fiber-optic distributor boxes with Plug and Play

Easy DIN rail mounting

Fiber-optic distributor boxes for mounting on DIN rails expand the proven portfolio of distributor boxes and the Plug and Play wiring system. The versions for the DIN rail are ideal as high-performing distributors in challenging environments.

Main features

  • FDX-20 design for DIN rails
  • IP67 protection when plugged in
  • Plug connection from top or bottom possible
  • Integrated OM1 fiber
  • Versions for M17 MPO and ODC/Q-ODC
  • 4-, 12-, and 24-pos. versions

Your Advantages

  • Space saving with a compact and uniform design
  • Time saving thanks to Plug and Play
  • Intuitive mounting without fusion splicing
  • Maximum versatility in mounting with various attachment options on the DIN rail adapter
  • Different numbers of positions and connector types for high versatility in infrastructure planning

FDX 20 series splice/distributor boxes

Easy DIN rail mounting

The compact splice/distributor boxes in the FDX 20 series for DIN rail mounting are supplemented by additional types of fibers and couplings. The items are ideal for use as stable, easy-to-mount distributors – even in environments with extreme temperatures.

Main features

  • Extension to the existing FDX 20 series FO splice/distributor boxes
  • Cable entry from two sides
  • Versions with metal couplings
  • Maximum security against EMC and ESD interference
  • Separate splice comb
  • Incl. cable gland for clamping ranges from 6 to 12 mm

Your Advantages

  • Saves space with a compact design for DIN rails
  • Maximum versatility in mounting thanks to various attachment options on the DIN rail adapter
  • Reliable even in harsh environments thanks to a tested temperature range from at least -25 to +70°C
  • Pre-assembled versions for fusion splicing reduces installation time in the field

Adapters and couplings in different designs

Adapters and couplings for copper and FO cabling

Adapters, couplings, 19" distributors, and wall-mounted junction boxes enable a high degree of flexibility for cabling.

  • For field use in sizes M8 and M12 as well as valve connector adapters
  • Data transmission via coupling and cable connection modules
Conductor connectors in different designs and sizes

Conductor connectors for signal, data, and power cabling

Implement reliable connection solutions with conductor connectors. Extending cables and repairing damaged cables are everyday challenges in the electrical trade.

  • For the transmission of power, signals, or data
  • Screw connection or IDC displacement connection
  • Conductor connection from 0.14 to 6 mm²
Three different splice boxes for data transmission

Splice boxes for future-proof data transmission

The FDX 20 series splice boxes ensure continuously reliable real-time
data transmission. They provide ample interior space for the connection of fiber optics.

  • Up to 12 duplex connections
  • Temperature range from -25 to +70°C
  • Reliably protected against the effects of EMI and ESD
  • Maximum installation flexibility
  • Saves space thanks to a compact and uniform design
Distributors for installation systems with three outputs

Distributors for installation systems

Distributors provide greater flexibility in the power distribution of your electrical installation. Preassembled power distributors and plug-in versions enable easy and time-saving installation.

  • T distributors for branch lines in ring systems
  • H distributors for up to three outputs for setting up star structures
Different designs of distributors for M8, M12, and AS-Interface connections

Distributors for M8, M12, and AS-Interface connections

Distributors enable you to design your cabling in accordance with your specific requirements.

  • Wide range of wiring versions and designs
  • Individual solutions on request
  • Maximum freedom for distributing signals, data, and power or adapting different interfaces
Different distributors, fuses, and adapters for photovoltaic systems

Distributors and fuses for photovoltaic systems

Use DC distributors and fuse plugs from the SUNCLIX series for the durable and robust wiring of your photovoltaic system from the panel through to the inverter.

  • Quick and easy conductor connection
  • Assembly without special tools
Three different distributor boxes for signal and power applications

Distributor boxes for signal and power applications

Use distributor boxes for quick and clear cabling in the field. Simply bundle several cables into one master cable that is connected to the controller.

  • Flexible cabling with a wide portfolio and various master cable connections
  • Increased machine availability with easy diagnostics
  • High level of safety with molded housings and high degrees of protection