Power supplies with maximum functionality

Power supplies with maximum functionality

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QUINT POWER for maximum availability for your system.

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High-performance QUINT POWER power supplies feature new functions to ensure superior system availability. The unique SFB Technology and preventive function monitoring increase the availability of your application. Signaling thresholds and characteristic curves such as the output voltage can be adjusted individually.

QUINT POWER power supplies below 100 W feature the unique combination of preventive function monitoring and powerful power reserve in a compact size.

Your advantages

  • SFB Technology selectively trips standard miniature circuit breakers; loads connected in parallel continue working
  • Preventive function monitoring indicates critical operating states before errors occur
  • Easy system extension with static boost; starting of difficult loads with dynamic boost
  • High noise immunity with integrated gas-filled surge arrester and more than 20 ms mains failure buffer time
  • Space savings in the control box with a compact, slim-line design
  • Power supplies with maximum functionality are part of the COMPLETE line system

Customize your QUINT POWER solution

Do you need a power supply with individual settings?

Using the configurator, you can optimally adapt your QUINT POWER power supply to your specific application: Set various parameters, such as signaling thresholds, characteristic curves, or the output voltage individually and order your customized power supply from a batch quantity of 1.


High-performance QUINT POWER power supplies  

High-performance QUINT POWER power supplies

The powerful QUINT POWER power supplies with SFB Technology, preventive function monitoring, and configurable settings ensure the availability of your system.

The power reserve enables the easy extension of your system, as well as the trouble-free start-up of difficult loads. Static boost with sustained power of up to 125% is available for system extension. Dynamic boost of up to 200% for 5 s enables you to start difficult loads.

The range of features is rounded out by the customized configuration of signaling thresholds and characteristic curves.


QUINT POWER up to 100 W  

“QUINYs” for the low power range

With a compact size, our small “QUINYs” also satisfy the most stringent system demands in the power range of up to 100 W.

Preventive function monitoring and exceptional power reserves are now also available for applications in the low power range. Moreover, the devices have a high efficiency of up to 93.7% and a long service life. You can choose between Push-in connection and screw connection technology for these power supplies for the low-power range.


QUINT POWER with IO-Link  


The new communicative QUINT POWER power supply with IO-Link can be integrated into industrial networks quickly and easily.

With the integrated IO-Link interface, all the relevant operating data of the power supply can be made available in the higher-level automation system, thereby raising preventive function monitoring to a completely new level.

Moreover, the power supply enables configuration via IO-Link. The direct adoption of the configuration after a device replacement saves time and avoids user errors.

24 V supply system

24 V supply system  

24 V supply system

Combine the power supply components from Phoenix Contact to create an overall system. Integrate the QUINT IO-Link power supply simply and cost-effectively into the existing network protocols of QUINT UPS or of the CAPAROC circuit breaker system.

The innovative system features a reliable 24 V supply and enables complete network integration from the 400 V AC side right through to the fused 24 V DC distribution. This increases the data transparency of the entire system, enabling errors to be detected, localized, and corrected in good time. This reduces downtimes to a minimum.


QUINT POWER with 110 V DC  


The new QUINT POWER power supply with 110 V DC at the output means that connecting several power supply units in series is a thing of the past. With this new power supply, you can supply applications up to a voltage range of 135 V DC with just one device. The ideal solution for process and energy technology.

Functional safety

QUINT POWER for maximum operational safety  

QUINT POWER for maximum operational safety

QUINT POWER satisfies functional safety (SIL) demands and ensures maximum operational safety. Whether in parallel operation or when connected to different phases, the load is reliably supplied even in the event of problems with the input voltage.

Install the Plus version of the 20 A power supply, or even the combination of QUINT POWER, with the active QUINT S-ORING redundancy module in applications with functional safety up to a safety integrity level of SIL 3 (IEC 61508). 

SFB Technology

SFB Technology – system parts remain in operation  

SFB Technology trips miniature circuit breakers

In order to trip standard miniature circuit breakers magnetically and quickly, power supplies must be able to supply several times the nominal current for a short period.

This dynamic power reserve is provided with SFB Technology (Selective Fuse Breaking Technology), which supplies up to six times the nominal current for 12 ms. Faulty current paths are switched off selectively, the fault is located, and important system parts remain in operation.

Preventive function monitoring

Preventive function monitoring visualizes critical operating states and signals them to the controller before errors can occur  

Preventive function monitoring signals critical operating states

The output voltage and output current are constantly monitored. Preventive function monitoring visualizes critical operating states and reports them to the controller before errors can occur. Remote monitoring is performed using active switching outputs and floating relay contacts.

System extension

System extension with POWER BOOST  

Extend systems easily with POWER BOOST

For system extensions, the static boost supplies up to 125% of the nominal current. The dynamic boost supplies double the nominal current for up to five seconds for starting up high loads.

With various functions for maximum system availability

The powerful QUINT POWER power supplies ensure maximum availability of your system with various functions in different power ranges. Whether with SFB Technology, individual settings, and integrated gas discharge tube, or space- and energy-saving with different connection methods – QUINT POWER reliably safeguards the supply to your system.

Single-phase power supply100 W power supply
>100 W<100 W
SFB Technologyx 
Preventive function monitoringxx
Can be ordered preconfiguredx 
Choice between Push-in or screw connection x
Static boost power reservexx
Dynamic boost power reservexx
Integrated gas discharge tubex 
Shallow device depth x
Robust designxx
High efficiencyxx


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