Surge protection for information technology

Surge protection for information technology

High-speed protection

Protect yourself: fast signals require one thing above all else – protection that responds very quickly.

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    Surge protective devices with circuits specifically designed to meet the requirements of digital and analog telecommunications.

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Signal interfaces are particularly sensitive to overvoltages. You should therefore use our surge protection with components that are powerful and respond quickly. The right selection ensures low attenuation and, at the same time, high bandwidth.

Your advantages

  • Conformance with all standards – both for surge protection and for high-speed networks
  • Protection for all common applications and signals due to the complete product portfolio
  • Versatile use with application-specific designs and connection technologies
  • Easy testing with the pluggable protective device

DATATRAB DT – universal protection for information technology

DATATRAB DT from Phoenix Contact: protection for many IT applications  

DATATRAB product family

The DATATRAB DT product family from Phoenix Contact provides protection for many applications:

  • High-speed networks up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Networks with RS-485 interface
  • Analog and digital interfaces for telecommunications, including DSL

All surge protective devices are system-compliant and have the appropriate connection technology.

The DT-LAN-CAT6+ version supports various data protocols at very high transmission speeds: such as Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), ISDN, token ring, and DS1.

DATATRAB can either be used as an adapter or as a DIN rail module.

Typical areas of application

Phoenix Contact surge protection for IT  


Protective devices for information technology are split into two areas:

  • Data interfaces
  • Telecommunications applications

Data technology works with very low voltages and high transmission speeds. In contrast, due to the cable infrastructure, telecommunications systems use lower data transmission speeds in conjunction with higher voltages.

TERMITRAB complete for telecommunications interfaces

Two narrow surge protective devices for telecommunications applications with Push-in and screw connection  

TERMITRAB complete for VDSL applications

With an overall width of just 6 mm, TERMITRAB complete provides narrow and reliable protection for telecommunications interfaces in the form of the TTC‑6‑1x2‑TELE… solution. The protective circuit is optimized for VDSL applications. Even at high data rates of up to 250 Mbps, the compact surge protection solution reliably protects against transients – without influencing the useful signal.

The protective devices for telecommunications interfaces are available with Push-in as well as screw connection technology.

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ for data interfaces

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ also for data interfaces  

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ intelligent surge protection

PLUGTRAB PT-IQ intelligent surge protection now also reliably protects your data cables against overvoltages. The protective circuit is specifically tailored to HF applications. All voltage-limiting components in the protective circuit are permanently monitored.

Your advantage: pre-existing damage caused by frequent overvoltages is detected and indicated. Thanks to the multi-stage status indicator, you can always determine the status of the protective devices:

  • Red = replacement required
  • Yellow = replacement recommended
  • Green = protective device OK

Using the controller, group remote signaling can be implemented for all connected protective devices. You can choose between conventional screw connection and convenient Push-in connection technology.


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Surge protection for information technology