Safety relay modules


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Software - PSR-CONF-WIN1.0 - 2981554

Configuration software for parameterizing the PSR-RSM4 safe downtime and over-speed safety relay, with programming cable

Zack marker strip - ZBN 18:UNBEDRUCKT - 2809128

Zack marker strip, Strip, white, unlabeled, can be labeled with: CMS-P1-PLOTTER, PLOTMARK, mounting type: snap into tall marker groove, for terminal block width: 18 mm, lettering field size: 18 x 5 mm, Number of individual labels: 5

Memory block - IFS-CONFSTICK - 2986122

Multi-functional memory block for the INTERFACE systemf for easy storage and backup of the configuration.

Adapter cable - CABLE- 9/8/250/RSM/ELAU - 2902984

Cable adapter for PSR over-speed safety relays (PSR-RSM4 and PSR-MM30), 9/8-pos., cable length: 2.5 m, for controller: ELAU

Cable set - TC-C-PSR3-SC-A10000A23132 - 2903390

Cable set for signal transmission on the Termination Carrier for coupling relays from the PSR-FSP series. Connection of terminal points A1 and A2 (signal transmission) as well as 31 and 32 (confirmation). Suitable for PSR-SCP-24DC/FSP/2X1/1X2 (Order No. 2986960) and PSR-SCP-24DC/FSP2/2X1/1X2 (Order No. 2986575).

Cable set - TC-C-PSR3-SC-A1A2240V2122 - 1059740

Cable set for signal transmission on the Termination Carrier for coupling relays from the PSR-PC series. Suitable for PSR-PC51-1NO-1NC-24DC-SC (Order No. 2702522) and PSR-PC52-1NO-1NC-24DC-SC (Order No. 1017062).


Safety device - PSR-MC31-2SDO-1DO-24DC-SC - 1015520

Safety relay module for safety shut-off mats, switching strips, emergency stop, safety doors, and light grids up to SILCL 3, Cat. 4, PL e, 1 or 2-channel operation, automatic or manual start, 2 safe HL outputs, 1 signal output, US = 24 V DC, plug-in screw terminal block

Safety relays - PSR-SCP- 24UC/ESA4/3X1/1X2/B - 2963763

Safety relay for emergency stop and safety door monitoring up to SIL 3 or Cat. 4, PL e according to EN ISO 13849, single or two-channel operation, 3 enabling current paths, nominal input voltage of 24 V AC/DC, plug-in screw terminal blocks

Coupling relay - PSR-SCF- 24UC/URM/4X1/2X2 - 2981444

Safe coupling relay with force-guided contacts, 4 N/O contacts, 2 N/C contacts, fixed screw terminal block, width: 40 mm

Coupling relay - PSR-SPP- 24UC/URM/5X1/1X2 - 2981965

Safe coupling relay with force-guided contacts, 5 N/O contacts, 1 N/C contact, width: 22.5 mm, pluggable Push-in terminal block

197 Results


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