PLCs and I/O systems

PLCs and I/O systems

Intelligent automation

From components through to the complete system – for the control cabinet and field installation.

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Industrial PLC

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    PLCnext Control

    Open PLCs with PLCnext Technology for high-level language programming, PLC programming software, and apps in the PLCnext Store.

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    Conventional PLCs

    PLCs in all performance classes, software PLC, and PLC programming software

I/O systems

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Professional automation for your systems: from distributed water supply through to highly complex painting lines in the automotive industry. Phoenix Contact always provides you with suitable PLCs, I/O systems, and PLC software.

Your advantages

  • Innovative and future-proof – the latest technologies form the foundation of the IIoT for the digitalization of your systems
  • Comprehensive and consistent – optimally coordinated PLCs, I/O systems, and PLC software from a single source
  • Versatile and individual – whether programmable logic relay systems or high-performance PLCs, in the control cabinet or the field, the wide range provides you with creative automation solutions
  • High quality and robust – cost-effective and reliable automation with Phoenix Contact, even in extreme conditions
  • Safe and reliable – intelligent safety solutions protect personnel and machinery, and ensure high system availability

Open and innovative – PLCnext Control

PLCnext Control AXC F 2152 and RFC 4072S  

PLCnext Control in two performance classes

PLCnext Control devices are the first PLCs for the open PLCnext Technology automation platform. They enable the implementation of automation projects without the limitations of proprietary systems. Connect directly to Proficloud and integrate tailored cloud services and future technologies.

PLCnext Technology enables parallel programming based on established software tools. These include Visual Studio, Eclipse, Matlab Simulink, and PLCnext Engineer, as well as the freely selectable integration of existing program code. This enables you, for example, to freely combine functions in accordance with IEC 61131-3 with routines from C/C++, C# or MATLAB® Simulink®, and to merge these to create a complete system.

PLCs in all performance classes for IEC 61131-3 programming

Axio station, Inline station, RFC  

Automation systems for PROFINET and Modbus/TCP

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of PLCs to meet every requirement. Choose from programmable logic controllers for small to medium-sized systems. PLC systems with matching I/Os, high-performance PLCs for complex automation tasks. Software PLCs that enable you to transform your industrial PCs into high-performance PLCs complete the product range.

I/O systems for the control cabinet (IP20)

Inline and Axioline I/O system  

Inline and Axioline F I/O systems with PLC

Choose from a comprehensive range of I/O modules and I/O terminals for the control cabinet – including for very fast data communication. Implement safety applications with our PROFIsafe modules, for example, or with no safety controller at all by using SafetyBridge Technology.

Our I/O systems can be optimally combined with all Phoenix Contact programmable logic controllers.

I/O systems for the field (IP65/IP67)

Fieldline Modular and Axioline E  

Axioline E and Fieldline I/O systems for IP65/IP67

I/O devices that support modular extension and have a high degree of functionality can be used in the field, or particularly robust devices with a block design can be used for harsh industrial environments.

Our IO-Link/analog converters and IO-Link masters also provide a high degree of flexibility in the field and can be used to implement analog communication without any shielded cables.

Controller for building automation

ILC 2050 BI building IoT controller  

Controller with Niagara framework for building automation

You can use the ILC 2050 BI building IoT controller to quickly and efficiently automate all subsections in building infrastructure, data centers, and decentral properties. The controller is the platform of the IoT-capable automation system from Phoenix Contact that enables the technical management of buildings and properties.

The device features a variety of interfaces, and therefore supports all relevant and current building automation protocols. The data types of the various protocols are standardized, therefore enabling IoT-based automation.

Programmable small-scale controller

PLC logic small-scale controller  

Relay system for controlling simple automation processes

Implement small automation tasks using the PLC logic relay system. This combines the advantages of plug-in relays with logic functions and intuitive software.

Technologies such as Push-in, Bluetooth, and a specially developed PLC logic app simplify integration, monitoring, and operation.


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