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Room operator panel from Phoenix Contact

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In modern equipped rooms there are a variety of functions that allow the user to conveniently set room functions such as light, shading, or the temperature individually. Phoenix Contact provides a compact solution for holistic lighting that replaces the large number of different operating elements.

Your advantages

  • Visualization of the room functions for intuitive operation
  • Flexible and easy configuration for the individual equipment
  • Efficient engineering with seamless integration into the IoT-based Emalytics building management system
  • Room climate measurement with simple extension with sensor modules for temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration

Large range of functions in a small space

Room operator panel  

Intuitive to operate

The intuitive menu navigation via appealing icons and the individual marking of all operating functions allow the user to make targeted settings in the room. Four tiles with assigned keys are available on the display for this purpose

The icons are available in several color versions. The color is set during commissioning.

You can also configure the display for displaying various status information.

More than just the control of individual actuators

Room operator panel scene manager  

Selection of a scene

The ERS 1000 includes versatile functions for both the user and for the installer.

The device includes, for example, a universally configurable scene manager with save function for the user. The group manager allows both the operation of groups of actuators and individual actuator operation. It is also possible to set up several equal control points in one room without any problems.

Rapid commissioning with the Emalytics Automation Workbench

The ERS 1000 room operator panel is connected to the ILC 2050 BI building IoT controller via Ethernet.

In the Emalytics Automation Workbench, all devices in the network are automatically found and each can be configured individually quickly and easily. Each function on the device has a corresponding data point that is wired to the actuator that is to be controlled in the wire sheet.

Emalytics building management system Workbench  

Integration of the ERS 1000 into the Workbench

Quick and easy sensor data recording

CO2 concentration measurement  

CO2 concentration measurement

Each sensor of the ERS 1000 is integrated into Emalytics as a data point. With Emalytics history function, which is available as standard, you can also create long-term recordings of the CO2 concentration or the temperature without additional effort.

An Emalytics Supervisor can aggregate all the measurement data from all sensors in the building. In addition, you can quickly export data to external applications.


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The room control unit for individually adjustable functions