Safety relays

Safety for every function

Safety for every function

Safety relays with force-guided contacts - the optimal solution for easy safety applications.

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  • Modular safety relay system
    Modular safety relay system

    Adaptable safety system with DIN rail connector, master safety relay, and safety relays for numerous safety functions.

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Emergency stop, light grid or safety door – the PSRmini and PSRclassic safety relays from Phoenix Contact can be used to implement all safety functions for applications with one function, one device. With our PSRmodular modular safety relay system you can assemble your safety system as required.

Your advantages

  • Versatile use – the ideal solution for every function
  • Reliable thanks to force-guided contacts
  • Fast installation and startup with user-friendly connection technology and DIN rail connector
  • Tested safety, thanks to TÜV certification
  • Space saving thanks to the slim overall width

PSRmini - highly compact safety relays

PSRmini highly compact safety relays  

Save up to 70% space with PSRmini

PSRmini is the newly developed safety relay range from Phoenix Contact. Thanks to its proprietary relay technology, this series is extremely compact.

No wider than 6 or 12 mm, the new safety relay with force-guided contacts offers enormous space-spacing potential of up to 70% at full capacity.

The fine-grained architecture makes a modular design of safety concepts possible: the 6 mm version comes with one to two approval paths, the 12 mm version with two to three.

PSRclassic - classic safety relay

PSRclassic classic safety relay  

A corresponding relay for every safety function

In the extensive PSRclassic product range, you can find the conventional safety relay with force-guided contacts to monitor your safety functions, such as emergency stop, safety gates, light grid, and two-hand control.

The conventional safety relays are characterized by a wide range of features and variations. With a housing width starting from 17.5 mm, they correspond with the market-standard housing dimensions.

PSRmodular - modular safety rail system

PSRmodular modular safety rail system  

Modular safety relay system expandable through the TBUS connector

With the PSRmodular modular safety relay system, you can assemble your safety system as required. Modular safety relays can be extended easily and flexibly based on the modular principle.

The TBUS connector connects the master safety relay to up to ten extension modules directly on the DIN rail. The usual cross-wiring and configuration is not necessary. 

Safety through force-guided contacts

Force-guided contacts  

Force-guided contacts

The N/O and N/C contacts of an elementary relay are connected to one another mechanically through forced guidance. This prevents N/O and N/C contacts from closing at the same time. In conjunction with a suitable circuit, failure to open can be reliably detected. This is the most reliable way to ensure maximum safety for both person and machine.

It goes without saying that the products in the PSRmini and PSRclassic series are equipped with force-guided contacts in order to provide maximum safety.


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