Resistance-dependent measurements

Tailor-made surge protection

Tailor-made surge protection

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In the case of resistance-dependent measurements, the internal resistance of the surge protective devices can cause an unwanted change to the measurement result. For this reason, protective circuits with an extremely low self-impedance are available for these applications.

Your advantages

  • Space-saving installation with the narrowest protective devices
  • Versatile use: designs and connection technology adapted to the application
  • Easy testing, thanks to pluggable version of surge protective devices
  • Worldwide use in potentially explosive areas, thanks to ATEX and IECEx approvals

Resistance-dependent measurements

TERMITRAB complete for Pt 100 applications  

TERMITRAB complete for Pt 100 applications

If a measured variable is determined directly based on the resistance value of an electrical component, the additional impedances within the measuring loop play a special role. This affects, for example, temperature measurements with platinum resistance detectors (Pt 100, Pt 1000) as well as strain gauges with two-wire technology.  As a rule, MCR surge protection products contain impedances in the common mode paths.  If the impedances are introduced into the circuit without recalibration, the measurement result will be falsified due to the change in the total impedance. Circuit versions without additional longitudinal resistances simplify the installation of surge protection in applications of this kind.


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