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  • Solution for segment control

    The profitable operation of large photovoltaic systems requires continuous monitoring and control at segment level.

In order to operate large-scale photovoltaics systems efficiently, ongoing monitoring and control is required.

A solar system in the order of 10 MW is composed of some 2,500 strings for every 20 solar panels. It thereby consists of a variety of string combiner boxes, inverters, and additional monitoring components such as reference sensors, weather stations, or energy measuring devices.

A myriad of measurement data must be acquired and processed further, inverters must be controlled, and the system status must be transmitted to a higher-level data management system.

Your advantages

  • Low engineering and operating costs with intelligent automation solutions
  • Redundant – and therefore failsafe – networks
  • Less errors during configuration with Auto Detection Mode
  • Avoidance of data gaps with temporary data storage

Collection and distribution of data

Easy startup by means of Plug and Play  

Easy startup by means of Plug and Play

Our data loggers automatically detect park devices, making it extremely easy to connect all of the systems in your PV park using Plug and Play. This considerably reduces the startup time because there is no configuration required. Operating large photovoltaic systems requires continuous monitoring and control at segment level. These tasks are performed by our data logger. It records all the relevant data on ambient conditions and the status of the inverter. This data is then transmitted to our superordinate portal.


Switch in the application  

Network components for the safe operation of photovoltaic systems

Network your ground-mounted system quickly and easily with components from Phoenix Contact and create redundant and firewall-protected networks.

Irrespective of which transmission medium you use, we have the right network components for you to set up a failsafe communication solution. The basis for this includes the high-performance Gigabit switches, modems, and media converters.

Data logging – for the efficient operation of large-scale photovoltaic systems

Since the accumulated data volume is very large, the photovoltaic park is divided into individual segments called arrays. The Array Control switchgear and controlgear assembly from Phoenix Contact has a controller. This receives measuring data from the inverters, data loggers, and energy measuring devices in an array according to a uniform data model and forwards these to a higher-level SCADA system in the central control room.

Preprogrammed function blocks simplify the connection of individual components to the Array Control. If there is a network overload, the Array Control controls the inverter in order to reduce the power. Furthermore, the Array Control takes on numerous diagnostic functions, such as in the event of a drop in performance in a string. Status messages, say for anti-theft protection or device failures, supplement the values recorded. All data is archived for a period of up to 25 years.

As a building block of the Park Management System from Phoenix Contact, Array Control makes efficient management of large-scale photovoltaics systems possible.


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