Photovoltaic connectors

Photovoltaic connectors for DC and AC cabling

Phoenix Contact connectors for field assembly are ideal for cabling photovoltaic systems. Whether AC or DC, circular or rectangular: The solar connectors cover a wide range of requirements. Device connectors, PCB connection technology, and accessories complete the portfolio.

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PV-FI-X1F/M-S 4-6 PU1 - Connector
PV-FI-X1F/M-S 4-6 PU1 - Connector

Photovoltaic PCB connector, product family: XLIX, connector, housing material: PC/PA, color: black, number of positions: 1, minimum conductor cross-section: 4 mm2, rated current: 35 A, maximum conductor cross-section: 6 mm2, rated current: 40 A, connection method: spring, contact switching type: socket plug

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PV-AS-MC4/6-150-MN-SET1 - Photovoltaic adapter set
PV-AS-MC4/6-150-MN-SET1 - Photovoltaic adapter set

Photovoltaic adapter set, Range of articles: SUNCLIX, design: Adapter, housing material: PPE, color: black, rated current: 35 A, cable length: 150, Connect these connectors only to other connectors of the same type made by the same manufacturer. When making the connections, always observe the specifications regarding nominal voltage and nominal current. The smallest common value is permissible.

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PV-C1F-C-HSG - Photovoltaic connector
PV-C1F-C-HSG - Photovoltaic connector

Photovoltaic connector, Range of articles: SUNCLIX, housing material: PPE, color: black, number of positions: 1, min. conductor cross section: 2.5 mm2, max. conductor cross section: 6 mm2, rated voltage: 1500 V DC, rated current: 40 A, Connection method: Crimp, Contact connection type: Socket, min. cable diameter: 5 mm, max. cable diameter: 8 mm

Your advantages

  • Quicker and easier conductor connection on site thanks to innovative fast connection technology
  • Easy cabling: Assembly without special tools
  • Permanently reliable connection with TÜV-tested components
  • High degree of flexibility thanks to connection solutions for various cable cross-sections
  • Future-oriented cabling of PV systems with consistent connection solutions
AC connection technology

AC connection technology

AC connection technology

A broad connection technology product range for every performance class is at your fingertips for the AC side of your PV systems. This portfolio includes circular and rectangular connectors for 1 and 3-phase devices, plus panel feed-through terminal blocks and corresponding accessories.

  • Currents up to 309 A
  • Voltages up to 600 V UL/1,000 V
  • Conductor cross-sections from 0.2 mm² to 150 mm²
DC connection technology

DC connection technology

DC connection technology

Panel feed-throughs, connectors, and comprehensive accessories: Innovative and reliable DC connection technology simplifies the task of cabling PV modules, device connection boxes, and inverters.

  • Currents up to 65 A
  • Voltages up to 1,500 V
  • Conductor cross-sections from 2.5 mm² to 16 mm²
Video: SUNCLIX connectors – cabling photovoltaic systems
Cable photovoltaic systems easily and reliably YouTube

SUNCLIX: Easy mounting, safe operation

With SUNCLIX, you can realize reliable cabling from the PV module through to the inverter. Find out about all of the advantages of the black solar plugs in the video.

Video: PRC series inverted and angled circular connectors
PRC series inverted and angled circular connectors YouTube

PRC: Robust power connectors with a high protection class

The PRC installation system enables bidirectional power transmission up to 35 A, even in extreme ambient conditions.

The PV portfolio at a glance
Are you looking for reliable and innovative connection technology for your photovoltaic panels, inverters, or for the complete photovoltaic system? Then you have come to the right place.
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