Distribution blocks for load and control current distribution

Distribution blocks for load and control current distribution

The distribution blocks and power blocks with Push-in and screw connection technology come ready to connect in various cross sections with different numbers of positions, mounting options, and colors. The distribution blocks can be used straight away and extended as needed. The compact blocks thus enable flexible and cost-effective load and control current distribution.

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Your advantages

  • Rapid installation with connection-ready distribution blocks with integrating bridging
  • Significant space savings with the minimal size
  • Flexible mounting options with various mounting adapters and special adhesive versions
  • Color-coded assignment of conductors and terminal points for intuitive and safe installation
  • Standardized accessories – the blocks can be extended, tested, and marked with the CLIPLINE complete accessories without loss of pitch
New products from connection technology, automation technology, and e-mobility

New products for connection and automation technology The nervous system of your industrial systems

Our products are a part of the nervous system of your industrial system and help you design more efficient processes and reduce costs. Discover the advantages of our new products from the following areas:

  • Terminal blocks, industrial connectors, and sensor/actuator cabling
  • Marking systems, tools, and mounting material
  • Surge protection and power supplies
  • Charging technology for e-mobility
  • Interface technology and switching devices
  • Control technology, I/O systems, and automation infrastructure

Distribution block with Push-in connection technology: PTFIX

PTFIX distribution blocks with Push-in connection technology
Distribution blocks with functional features

PTFIX-function function distribution blocks

PTFIX-function function distribution blocks

The PTFIX-function function distribution blocks are available in various disconnect versions and as safety versions. The distribution blocks are available with seven connection points and a nominal cross-section of 2.5 mm². Conductor cross-sections of between 0.14 and 4 mm² can therefore be connected to the distribution connections. Line contact of the function distribution blocks enables the connection of conductor cross-sections between 0.5 and 10 mm². The three disconnect versions TG, MT, and MTL have different types of disconnect zones. The TG version is a disconnect base block that accommodates function plugs such as fuse plugs and various components along with disconnect knives. The MT version of the distribution blocks, on the other hand, is equipped with swiveling disconnect knives. These knives can be opened safely with a screwdriver. The MTL version is also equipped with swiveling disconnect knives, but these knives can be opened without tools. Therefore, the MTL version requires more space above the block. The PTFIX 10/6X4-SI... fuse blocks have rotary locks rather than disconnect elements. The rotary locks enable simple fusing of the individual distribution connections. Along with the standard versions, blocks with signal lights are also available for signaling defective fuses.

Device terminal block and device connection block with connected conductors and marking

Device connection blocks and device terminal blocks

Device terminal blocks with screw connection

The G and GE device terminal blocks feature the universal screw connection technology for connecting flexible and rigid conductors. The screw connection is maintenance-free due to the patented Reakdyn principle. In addition to the use of splicing protection in the form of ferrules, the screw connection also enables multi-conductor connections in just one terminal point. In contrast to the FIX distribution blocks, the terminal points of the device terminal blocks are not bridged to each other. The block GE 10/2-BA BU is an exception to this. The other device connection blocks thus carry individual potentials next to each other. Manual bridging is also not feasible here, as the blocks do not have a special function shaft due to their compactness. The device connection blocks are available in nominal cross-sections of 4, 10, and 35 mm². Depending on the cross-section, the block versions have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 12 positions. The device blocks can only be mounted using direct mounting, i.e., screwed onto a mounting plate, for example. The individual blocks can be tested quickly and easily via the clamping screws.

PTFIX distribution blocks

PTFIX distribution blocks

Configurator for ready-to-connect distribution blocks with Push-in connection

Create your individual solution for efficient potential distribution with the distribution blocks: Ready to connect and freely extendable.

Use the compact distribution blocks for cost-effective load and control current distribution
PTFIX distribution blocks
The ready-to-connect blocks enable fast mounting without manual bridging, yielding time savings of up to 80%. Distribution and power blocks with 4, 6, 12, and 18 terminal points as well as single blocks with two terminal points are available in 11 colors for intuitive and safe installation.
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PTFIX distribution blocks