Diode module for the DIN rail

Diode modules

A diode module reliably decouples power supplies that are operated in parallel and ensures the high availability of your application. This means that a short circuit no longer affects the load. Thanks to simple decoupling with diodes, diode modules ensure absolute security of supply, both at the output of one of the power supply units and in the supply line from the power supply unit to the diode.

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QUINT DIODE diode module

For demanding ambient conditions: QUINT DIODE

Thanks to their robust design, the diode modules in the QUINT family ensure superior system availability even in potentially explosive areas and demanding ambient conditions. Use the module for redundancy or to increase performance.

TRIO DIODE diode module

Easy to install: TRIO DIODE

Due to the Push-in connection technology, the TRIO DIODE can be installed quickly and easily. Combine the diode with the TRIO power supply to increase the availability of your system.

UNO DIODE and STEP DIODE diode modules on a DIN rail

Particularly space-saving: STEP DIODE and UNO DIODE

The diode modules from the STEP and UNO family are used for decoupling smaller loads. The space-saving diodes ensure consistent redundancy through to the load. The STEP DIODE module is particularly suitable for use in distribution boards.