Protection technology in a tunnel application

Power supply and distribution in a tunnel Comprehensive protection across all levels of the power system

Tunnels are home to a variety of applications that need to be supplied with power in a high-availability configuration. Particularly critical subsections, such as ventilation and lighting, must continue to work in the event of an emergency or during severe fires.

With Phoenix Contact, you always have a reliable partner by your side who can deliver a reliable power supply feed-in and consistent power distribution. The Phoenix Contact Group also includes a grid monitoring and protection controller specialist, our Swiss subsidiary NSE.

Avoid failures in tunnels by using high-availability grid monitoring and protection controllers

Ensure a consistently high level of availability for your system and avoid unplanned failures. Robust components and redundant network structures ensure high availability. Phoenix Contact provides you with comprehensive protection across all levels of the power supply: IT security and encrypted data transfer to the higher-level supervisory control rooms, reinforced connections to the power distribution network, and comprehensive protection for the field level. Communication in accordance with IEC 60870-5-101/103/104 or IEC 61850 and the redundant Ethernet connections via RSTP/HSR/PRP enable interference-free parallel operation.

Our solutions for your applications

TAP box (Tunnel Application Power)
Managed switches for IEC 61850
COMPLETE line power control cabinet
TAP box (Tunnel Application Power)

The TAP boxes (Tunnel Application Power) from Phoenix Contact have been specially developed for safe, fireproof, and simple power distribution in tunnels. Starting from the main distribution, the TAP box supplies power to your individual tunnel applications, such as the lighting and evacuation systems. 

This protects the main distribution from short circuits. Extremely high functional integrity means ongoing availability is guaranteed even in emergencies.

Managed switches for IEC 61850

Tunnel structures are home to a variety of electrical systems that need to be supplied with power in a high-availability configuration. At the same time, the tunnels themselves are major loads in the distribution grid.

Phoenix Contact provides special network switches for power plants which enable gigabit data transfer to the supervisory control rooms of power providers in accordance with IEC 61850 and IEEE 1613.

COMPLETE line power control cabinet

Grid faults in tunnels can cause considerable damage and pose a major danger. Our protective and control devices protect your systems inside tunnels. The compact designs pack a huge number of features into a small space, including protective functions, power circuit control, electrical parameter measurements, and the logging of incidents and grid disturbances.

We support you every step of the way, from grid analysis and device installation all the way to training and maintenance.

Topology: high-availability networks in a tunnel

Power supply and distribution in a tunnel

Test situation, tunnel protective device

Your advantages

  • Quick and easy assembly generates time savings of up to 80% when installing the power distribution
  • Extensive investment security with compatible products in accordance with IEC 61850 and IEEE network standards
  • Robust design ensures long product life even in harsh ambient conditions
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