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Intelligent traffic management AI-based solutions for traffic control

The quality of mobility is often directly related to the attractiveness of a city and region. Carbon emissions, noise, and increased traffic jams have wide-reaching consequences for society and nature. Intelligent traffic management is imperative if we want to counteract the increasing volume of traffic and allow the flow of traffic to move with greater ease.

At Phoenix Contact, we create solutions for intelligent traffic detection and control that play a pivotal role in road safety and sustainable mobility.

Intelligent traffic control

Growing populations and traffic density require new approaches to urban planning. Intelligent traffic management not only improves mobility comfort and the safety of transportation modes, but is also good for the climate. Road traffic can be managed more efficiently and safely using appropriate sensor technology combined with information and analysis systems.

Control cabinet solution for traffic management

Solution for traffic measurement Free-moving traffic with intelligent traffic control

Phoenix Contact has developed the Smart Road Interface designed to optimize traffic flow. The intelligent traffic recording system registers traffic flows anonymously and uses artificial intelligence to evaluate them. The acquired data on vehicle types, number of vehicles, and traffic directions can be transmitted to control systems or to road users directly.

Switching traffic lights can also be more efficient thanks to the data on traffic conditions. Smart control of traffic signals cuts travel times and reduces traffic-related CO2 emissions.

Your advantages

  • Optimizing traffic flow improves the quality of life in metropolitan areas
  • Reducing the negative environmental impact and energy consumption thanks to dynamic traffic control
  • Transmission of mobility data to traffic control systems or to road users directly in real time
  • Data protection compliant with anonymized traffic recording
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Developing intelligent traffic systems

Phoenix Contact is actively involved in research projects on the topic of the smart city. Intelligent traffic system concepts are being developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer IOSB-INA. With the use of sensors and analyses, forecasting, and information systems, the road can now be directly connected to the traffic management system through a communication network.

Real-time traffic and infrastructure-relevant data is linked and condensed via controllers based on the open PLCnext Technology ecosystem. Information coming from different sources is then forwarded and stored in databases, analyzed, or even processed further in the Phoenix Contact Grovez.io IoT platform.

Intelligent traffic management with the Smart City Box

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