PTFIX distribution blocks with Push-in connection come ready-to-connect and are available with different numbers of positions and mounting types. They can be used immediately and extended as needed. The PTFIX range therefore ensures flexible, cost-effective load and control current distribution.

Your advantages

  • Save time with ready-to-mount blocks without manual bridging
  • Flexible use with DIN rail and direct mounting adapters, as well as with adhesive mounting
  • Large space savings with the extremely small design
  • Time-saving conductor connection with tool-free and maintenance-free Push-in direct connection technology
  • Quick and easy separation of signals and installation of fuses and components
PTFIX product visualization
View our photorealistic PTFIX product with full interactive 360°-control. For a more immersive experience: On desktop, scan the QR code, or using a compatible mobile device, tap 'View in my space' icon.
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PTFIX product visualization

Ready-to-use Push-in distribution blocks – simply unpack, connect, and you're done

Intuitive and secure installation
Distribution and power blocks with 4, 6, 12, and 18 terminal points as well as single plates with two terminal points are available in 11 colors for intuitive, safe installation.
Easy, tool-free direct plug-in
The low insertion forces allow easy, direct insertion of rigid and flexible conductors with ferrules with a cross section 0.25 mm² or larger.
Individually extendable
The distribution blocks can be arranged and expanded with accessories from the CLIPLINE complete system, checked, and marked individually.
Function distribution blocks
The PTFIX function distribution blocks are available in the versions TG, MT, and MTL. The TG version is a disconnect base block. This block features a standardized disconnect zone.The MT and MTL versions are block versions with integrated knife disconnection.
Universal disconnect point
The universal disconnect point for the TG function distribution blocks allow the use of disconnect knives, feed-through connectors, component connectors, and fuse plugs.

Mounting types: Adhesive mounting, direct mounting, DIN rail mounting horizontally and vertically Decide for yourself – different mounting adapters and flanges can be snapped onto the basic blocks according to your respective application.

Mounting types: Adhesive mounting, direct mounting, DIN rail mounting horizontally and vertically
Simply unpack, connect, and use
Simply unpack, connect, and use MovingImage