In today’s world, identifying terminal blocks, wires, cables, components, and systems in a clear, organized way has become vitally important. The new THERMOMARK PRIME card printing system offers you a broad range of identification solutions, no matter what your application. The portability of this printer makes marking on the go easy.

The new THERMOMARK PRIME portable card printer from Phoenix Contact provides innovative, tailor-made solutions to the diverse demands of industrial marking. Combine with the THERMOFOX handheld printer for even more ID options. Learn more about how your terminal blocks, conductors, cables, devices, and systems can now be marked easily and efficiently, wherever your work takes you.

Your advantages:

  • Onboard software: Data entry is easy, thanks to the touchscreen and fully integrated CLIP PROJECT marking software
  • Onboard power: No need to plug into an electrical outlet due to the rechargeable, high-performance battery
  • Drop-in ink ribbon cartridge: No more threading a loose, flimsy ink ribbon, simply drop in the self-contained ink cartridge
  • Versatility: The US and UCT material you use on the stationary TM Card printer for terminal blocks, wires and cables and in and around the control cabinet can all be used with the TM Prime
Marking on the go
Marking on the go MovingImage