PTV disconnect terminal blocks and knife-disconnect terminal blocks

Disconnect and knife-disconnect terminal blocks

Particularly in testing and measurement technology, various terminal blocks are used which enable the easy manual disconnection of circuits. The knife-disconnect terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact have an easy-to-operate lever disconnect knife. The basic disconnect terminal blocks have a standardized disconnect zone for accommodating component connectors, fuse plugs, isolating plugs or feed-through connectors.

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UT 4-TG - Disconnect terminal block
UT 4-TG - Disconnect terminal block

Disconnect terminal block, Current and voltage are determined by the plug used., nom. voltage: 500 V, Thermal continuous current Ith: 20 A, connection method: Screw connection, Rated cross section: 4 mm2, cross section: 0.14 mm2 - 6 mm2, mounting: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, color: gray


  • Convenient separation of circuits with a lever-type disconnect knife, isolating plug, or rotary contact
  • User-friendly current measurement via the testing option on either side of the disconnect point
  • Safe operation, as the disconnect lever is latched in the end positions
  • Clear identification of the disconnect point with color marking
  • Individual assembly with disconnect element, fuse plug, component connector, and feed-through connector

New products

Disconnect and knife-disconnect terminal blocks as well as transformer terminal blocks with Push-X technology snapped onto a DIN rail
Disconnect terminal blocks and knife-disconnect terminal blocks with double disconnect zone and multiple function shafts

Function terminals with Push-X technology

Disconnect signals quickly and safely

The Push-X function terminals also allow the tool-free wiring of flexible conductors. In addition, the integrated disconnect zones enable signals to be disconnected easily. The TG basic disconnect terminal blocks also offer the option of safely integrating function plugs.

Main features

  • Push-X technology
  • Test-disconnect terminal blocks: 6 mm²
  • Nominal current: 30 A
  • Nominal voltage: 500 V
  • Disconnect and knife-disconnect terminal blocks: 2.5 mm²
  • Nominal current: 24 A
  • Nominal voltage: 500 V

Your Advantages

  • Highly convenient operation with the new tool-free Push-X technology
  • Quick installation of all types of conductors with and without ferrule
  • “Make before break” automatic leading current transformer short circuit for the test-disconnect terminal blocks
  • Easy disconnection of signals and integration of various function plugs
  • Significant cost savings with the uniform accessories of the CLIPLINE complete system

Disconnect terminal blocks with multi-level disconnect zone

Compact universal signal distribution

The double knife disconnection of the PT 2,5-2MT terminal block family, in conjunction with the 3 x 2 function shafts, offers a wide range of distribution applications in a confined space. The terminal blocks reduce the length of the terminal strip by half compared to a standard disconnect terminal block.

Main features

  • Push-in Technology
  • Nominal cross-section: 2.5 mm²
  • Cross-section: 0.14 mm² ... 4.0 mm²
  • Nominal current: 16 A
  • Rated voltage: 400 V
  • Multiple bridging and testing tasks possible in one terminal block

Your Advantages

  • Space-saving signal distribution and test tasks with two disconnect knives in one terminal block
  • Good overview with color-matched disconnect knives and actuating push button
  • PT 2,5-2TG version available for use with P-FU pluggable fuse plugs and P-CO device plugs
  • Individual connection of different components possible, e.g., RC element

Knife-disconnect terminal block

Knife-disconnect terminal block

Knife-disconnect terminal block

Knife-disconnect terminal blocks feature captive lever-type disconnect knives that can be swiveled. These knives are operated with a standard screwdriver, allowing circuits to be quickly disconnected and closed for test purposes, for example. Test points are integrated into the terminal points such that the tests can be carried out with connected conductors. The disconnect knives latch into clearly recognizable end positions so that they are not actuated accidentally. Optional switching locks are available to completely prevent lever-type disconnect knives from being actuated.

Disconnect terminal blocks snapped onto a DIN rail

Disconnect terminal blocks and isolating plugs

Disconnect terminal blocks

Disconnect terminal blocks are usually feed-through, multi-conductor, or multi-level terminal blocks with an integrated disconnect zone. The disconnect zones are standardized and accommodate a range of function plugs. The inclusion of a function plug results in different types of function terminals. By including a fuse plug, the basic disconnect terminal block becomes a fuse terminal block. With a component connector, the terminal block becomes a component terminal block. With feed-through connectors and feed-through locks, a basic terminal block can be converted into a feed-through terminal block or a terminal block without feed-through. The isolating plugs that can be integrated, such as the lever-type disconnect knives of the knife-disconnect terminal blocks, enable quick changeover between the two switching states. This easy changeover enables, for example, the fast measurement of individual circuits. This means that the basic disconnect terminal block, with the aid of a removable plug, is the most versatile terminal block in a control cabinet.

Operating the clipx ENGINEER engineering software on a tablet screen

Efficient planning with clipx ENGINEER

Engineering software​ for control cabinet building

The clipx ENGINEER engineering software makes it possible to plan and procure terminal strips, assembled mounting plates, and junction boxes more efficiently than ever, and to seamlessly transfer the data to production – at every workplace. Accelerate your planning process with smart interfaces to your CAE program and to Phoenix Contact applications and configurators.

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Terminal blocks product brochure


Would you like some information about our disconnect terminal blocks and knife-disconnect terminal blocks? Below you will find the product brochures covering terminal blocks and the quality tests of the terminal blocks.