Safe coupling relays

Safe coupling relays

Our TÜV-certified SIL coupling relays for safe switch-on and switch-off enable the electrical isolation of signals up to SIL 3. System downtimes can be reduced to a minimum by diagnostic functions, such as integrated proof test and line load monitoring. The SIL 3 coupling relays with ATEX, G3 coating, and temperature range up to 70°C are suitable for special applications in the process industry.

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PSR-PLC21 safe coupling relay

PSR-PLC21 safe coupling relay

Power adaptation and electrical isolation

The PSR-PLC21 is a safe coupling relay for power adaptation and electrical isolation in high- and low-demand applications. With the PSR-PLC21, circuits can be interrupted in accordance with safety requirements for the safe shutdown of a system. The safety function is designed in accordance with EN 60204-1 stop category 0.

Main features

  • Overall width: 14 mm
  • Integrated test pulse filter
  • Push-in Technology

Your Advantages

  • Reduced maintenance time with easy replacement of the elementary relay
  • Space savings with the compact overall width
  • Increased service life with integrated test pulse filter
  • Safe diagnostics and easy proof test in accordance with IEC 61508
  • Proven safety with force-guided relay contacts up to SIL 2/PL c

PSRmini safe coupling relays

Safe coupling relays for process technology

What constitutes a safe coupling relay?

Applications in the process industry are fundamentally different from those in the manufacturing industry. As such, safety technology must meet different requirements in this industry.
Safe coupling relays are often used in process technology systems; they electrically isolate and amplify the power of electrical signals for functional safety. Phoenix Contact has developed SIL-certified coupling relays to meet the demands of process technology applications.

Why do I need an SIL-certified coupling relay?

Phoenix Contact has force-guided coupling relays and safe force-guided coupling relays in its portfolio. Forced guidance uses mechanical means to prevent N/O and N/C contacts from closing at the same time. This technology therefore provides the highest level of functional safety.

The safe coupling relays are also SIL-certified. SIL, or safety integrity level, is a method for assessing a system’s reliability. Levels SIL 1, SIL 2, and SIL 3 must always be viewed in relation to the hazard.

If you choose our SIL-certified coupling relay, you will not need to conduct an assessment. The SIL coupling relays have been tested and certified by an independent institute. All safety-related characteristics are therefore available. You can also carry out comprehensive diagnostics with an integrated test pulse filter.

Properties of PSR coupling relays

The Phoenix Contact product portfolio features SIL-certified coupling relays for safe switch-on (also known as fire and gas or energized to safe) and for safe shutdown (emergency shutdown or de-energized). Our safe coupling relays meet the specific demands of the process industry – including for use in potentially explosive areas.

  • SIL coupling relays with force-guided contacts
  • Tested and certified by independent testing institutes such as TÜV Rheinland
  • Wide-range input with voltage versions of 24 V DC, 115 V AC, through to 230 V AC
  • Installed relay technology is G3-compliant in accordance with ISA S71.04-1985, thus allowing the product to be used in particularly corrosive atmospheres
  • Proof test easy to conduct
  • Comprehensive diagnostic options with test pulse filter
  • Suitable for low demand and high demand mode
  • SIL 3-certified in accordance with IE C61508, IEC 61511, EN 50156-1, and EN 746-2
  • ATEX approvals

Product families

Choose between the highly compact PSRmini product family and the conventional PSRclassic product range in a market-standard design.

PSRmini coupling relays

Space savings of up to 70% with PSRmini coupling relays

Highly compact, safe PSRmini coupling relays

With an overall width starting from 6 mm, PSRmini relays are the narrowest SIL coupling relays on the market.

  • Overall widths of 6.8 mm, 12.5 mm, and 17.5 mm
  • For safe switch-on and safe shutdown
  • LEDs enable SIL-qualified diagnostics directly on the module
  • 1 to 3 enabling paths
  • Active error feedback directly to the controller by DCS test pulse filters ensures short downtimes during planned maintenance phases
PSRclassic conventional coupling relays for safe switch-off

PSRclassic conventional coupling relays for safe switch-off

PSRclassic conventional safe coupling relays

In the PSRclassic series, you will find SIL coupling relays for safe switch-off. The conventional coupling relays are characterized by a wide range of functions and versions. The housing width corresponds to the market standard.

  • Overall width starting from 17.5 mm
  • SIL coupling relays for safe switch-off
  • 3 safe relay contacts and contact multiplication

Compatible with standard safe systems

The safe coupling relays are tailored to control systems in the process industry.
These include the following safety instrumented systems (SIS):

  • Schneider Electric (Triconex® system)
  • Emerson (DeltaV)
  • Honeywell (Safety Manager/Universal Safe I/O)
  • Siemens (ET200S/ET200SP)
  • Yokogawa (ProSafe)

Quick and easy proof test

The force-guided contacts enable quick and easy diagnostics. This ensures short downtimes during scheduled maintenance phases.

Easy proof test

  • Active error feedback via A1 visually on the device
  • Evaluation of the force-guided N/C contact (DO)

Line monitoring

  • Diagnostics at DO
System cabling with Termination Carrier

Termination Carriers and PSRmini: Unrivaled packing density in the control cabinet

System cabling with Termination Carrier

The Termination Carriers are designed to accommodate the PSRmini and PSRclassic. With the module carriers, you can reduce your wiring effort and speed up installation.
Thanks to the consistent concept and special system technology, Termination Carriers help you prevent wiring faults, which would otherwise result in expensive and time-consuming troubleshooting. We will be happy to adapt the Termination Carriers to suit your specific requirements.

Flexible I/O marshalling system

The flexible I/O marshalling system from Phoenix Contact

Flexible I/O marshalling system

Smart I/O, in other words universal I/O modules, provide you with entirely new possibilities in the process industry, both for new plants and for retrofits.
The flexible I/O marshalling system from Phoenix Contact helps make Universal I/O truly “universal” on the interface and marshalling level. The system combines a standardized basic module and replaceable input/output accessories (IOAs) with various electrical functions.

Main features

  • Flexible channel configuration for special functions with replaceable IOAs
  • Easy handling and quick replacement of plug-in IOAs
  • Error-free wiring with special codings
  • Reliable signal protection with integrated shielding in the base element
  • SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508