Process indicators for displaying and monitoring analog sensor signals

Process indicators

Field Analog series process displays enable you to monitor and display analog and temperature signals, and to control them via digital and analog inputs and outputs, even in the Ex area. The products are available for control panel mounting or for distributed installation directly in the field. Benefit from easy configuration, good readability, and international approvals.

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Your advantages with our process indicators from the Field Analog series

  • Easy configuration of process indicators, either via front keypad or using FDT/DTM software
  • Everything at a glance on the display: values, bar graphs, or measuring point designations, plus color change in the event of an error
  • Easy installation, thanks to standardized housing dimensions and plug-in connection terminal blocks
  • Digital transfer and display of process data with HART-compatible display versions
  • International use, thanks to UL and CSA approvals
  • Also for intrinsically safe circuits in the Ex area: versions with ATEX, CSA, and FM approval
Multifunctional process indicator in field housing

Multifunctional process indicator for field installation

Universal use – multifunctional process indicators

Field Analog process indicators are available for field and control panel installation. The universal inputs allow you to record current, voltage, RTDs, and TCs. Comprehensive approvals also allow you to connect sensors in the Ex area. Current process values are easy to read on the five-digit backlit displays. The bar graph also provides you with a quick overview. Alarm states can be identified easily from a distance by their changing color.