UV LED printers

UV LED printers

The BLUEMARK ID and BLUEMARK ID COLOR UV LED printers create high-quality markings quickly and easily. The environmentally friendly UV LED printing technology achieves pin-sharp typefaces in black and white and even in color (BLUEMARK ID COLOR). Along with plastic markers and foils, the BLUEMARK ID printers can also process metal labels.

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Monochrome printer with UV LED technology and integrated “MARKING system app” identification software. 7″ touch color display for printing plastic tags in UC, UCT, US, and UM format, as well as metal labels.

Your advantages

  • Highly versatile due to optional color printing and the availability of over 1350 marking materials
  • Intuitive operation with integrated marking software
  • Flexible material loading with front feed and de-stacking magazines
  • Time savings due to the high print speed

The BLUEMARK ID COLOR UV LED printer is characterized by its flexible use and easy handling. With its emission-free UV LED technology, it creates high-quality markings on a wide range of materials. The printer can be operated either using the integrated touch display or using the PROJECT complete planning and marking software.

Ink cartridges for the BLUEMARK ID COLOR UV LED printer

Ink cartridges for the BLUEMARK ID COLOR UV LED printer

Industrial color printing made easy with UV LED printing

In addition to monochrome printing, the BLUEMARK ID COLOR system also prints CYMK multicolor markings. The high-quality individual markings can be used immediately thanks to the innovative printing method.

Operating the BLUEMARK ID COLOR UV LED printer


Intuitive operation of the UV LED printer

The integrated marking software supports the entire printing process. Direct entry of printing data, videos for troubleshooting, and intuitive menu navigation ensure convenient operation.

Inserting the magazine into the BLUEMARK ID COLOR magazine carriage

BLUEMARK ID COLOR: inserting the magazine into the magazine carriage

Unrivalled material selection

The BLUEMARK ID printers can process over 1350 different products, making them the most versatile on the market. The devices can print on marking materials made of plastic and aluminum.

Removing the magazine from the BLUEMARK ID COLOR UV LED printer

BLUEMARK ID COLOR: removing the magazine

Maximum speed

The de-stacking function allows the processing of more than 14,000 markers per hour with color printing, and 21,000 markers per hour with monochrome printing. The printing fluid hardens immediately. This means you can use the materials immediately.

Side view of the BLUEMARK ID COLOR UV LED printer

BLUEMARK ID COLOR UV LED printer: side view

Technology at its best

The special printing method used by the UV LED printing system is similar to inkjet printing, but has significant advantages thanks to its special properties.

The BLUEMARK ID devices use a special fluid made of liquid plastic with embedded ink particles. The fluid is hardened using UV light. The marking is therefore immediately wipe- and scratch-proof.

Printing with the BLUEMARK ID and BLUEMARK ID COLOR does not generate any emissions. In contrast to inkjet printing, where the liquid components of the ink evaporate after printing, the UV LED technology is much more environmentally friendly.