IMC 1,5/10-G-3,5 RN P20 THR - PCB header

PCB headers, nominal cross section: 1.5 mm2, color: black, nominal current: 8 A, rated voltage (III/2): 160 V, contact surface: Tin, contact connection type: Socket, number of potentials: 10, number of rows: 1, number of positions: 10, number of connections: 10, product range: IMC 1,5/..-G-RN-THR, pitch: 3.5 mm, mounting: THR soldering, pin layout: Linear pinning, solder pin [P]: 2 mm, number of solder pins per potential: 2, plug-in system: COMBICON MC 1,5, Pin connector pattern alignment: Standard, locking: Snap-in locking, mounting: Engagement nose, type of packaging: packed in cardboard

Product details

Your advantages

Designed for integration into the SMT soldering process
Intuitive locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection
Inverted header with socket contacts for touch-proof device outputs or PCB/PCB connections