Distributors and fuses for photovoltaic systems

Distributors and fuses for photovoltaic systems

Wire your photovoltaic systems efficiently, safely, and reliably from the panel through to the inverter using DC distributors and fuse plugs from the SUNCLIX series. Certified products in various designs shorten the installation time and have a positive effect on the system yield. Our accessories enable you to meet requirements for quick and safe system installation in compliance with standards.

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Your advantages

  • Quick and easy conductor connection and high flexibility on site with innovative fast-connection technology
  • Easy cabling: the solar connectors are assembled without using special tools
  • Permanently reliable connection with TÜV- and UL-tested components
  • Future-oriented cabling of photovoltaic systems with consistent connection solutions
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Are you looking for reliable and innovative connection technology for your photovoltaic panels, inverters, or for the complete photovoltaic system? Then you have come to the right place.
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